Laura Loomer Visits Facebook’s Headquarters to Confront Self-Hating Jew and Nazi Mark Zuckerberg for Banning Her

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
May 11, 2019

The independent and empowered Jewish conservative woman Laura Loomer is not happy about being banned from Facebook. Such a shame. But thanks to the free market, she can still post on Gab.

Last week, the Jew-run organization of Facebook classified a number of people as “dangerous” and banned them from of their website. Among these so-called “dangerous” people was the obnoxious Jewess Laura Loomer. For those readers who are unfamiliar with her, consider yourselves fortunate. She is a highly annoying fake conservative social media personality who nearly got laughed off the Internet because she lied about her tire getting slashed.

After getting banned from Facebook, she appeared on The Alex Jones Show, where she broke down in tears. She said that her life had been ruined because of all the social media sites she had been banned from. And because of these bans, she can’t make any money off of her work.

Talk about a raw deal. Now she knows how we all feel. Of course, it is difficult to have any sympathy for her. She previously conspired to get nationalist Discord channels banned after the Unite the Right rally back in 2017.

Kotaku, August 14, 2017:

Saturday’s Charlottesville rally to retain a statue of Robert E. Lee drew participants from alt-right, Nazi, white supremacist and KKK groups. Violence broke out when pro-Confederacy protesters clashed with counter-protesters. Following the rally, which resulted in the death of a counter-protester attacked by a car, a member of the Daily Stormer Discord, a group associated with the white supremacist movement, allegedly offered to “bring weapons” to the victim’s funeral. Journalist Laura Loomer reported the message to Discord via Twitter, spurring Discord to conduct an investigation which apparently resulted in them shutting down servers relating to Daily Stormer and, another website associated with white supremacists and neo-Nazis like Richard Spencer. Discord also ceased service for “a number of accounts associated with the events in Charlottesville.”

So for her to go on The Alex Jones Show and cry about how her life has been ruined is entirely hypocritical. She probably never imagined that the Jewish thought police would turn on her because of her privileged racial identity.

Loomer was so angry about getting banned from Facebook that she decided to pay a visit to Facebook’s headquarters. The whole episode was recorded and uploaded to her YouTube channel, YouTube apparently being one of the few social media sites that she has not been blacklisted from.

Note that this actually happened almost a week ago, and we just found out about it now – because no one in the media bothered to report on it. The Jews are really fed-up with this Jew.

As with some of her other recent stunts – most prominently, chaining herself to the Twitter HQ after getting banned from there – she deliberately mixes her argument against tech censorship with her racial identity as a Jew. Only a few minutes into the video she begins babbling about her status as a Jewish conservative woman. And if you watch the full clip, you’ll see that she actually mentions this several times.

It’s ridiculous that she does this, as her arguments against tech censorship aren’t invalid. The problem is that she’s only interested in the issue because she’s being personally impacted by it.

Her arguments aren’t so much pro-free speech as they are pro-Jewish privilege. She obviously didn’t give a shit when so-called “Nazis” and “White Supremacists” were getting banned off of these sites. Hell, she was complicit in getting us banned.

Most of the video shows Loomer in Facebook’s reception area causing a scene and ranting about how Facebook banned her for being a dangerous terrorist. She specifically described Mark Zuckerberg as a self-hating Jew and Facebook as a Nazi organization that engages in fascist tactics. Calling Facebook “Fascistbook” was another good one that came out of her mouth. It was just non-stop projection of Jewish behavior onto fascists and Nazis. She also points out how she was banned on Holocaust Remembrance Day to try and score additional Jew sympathy points.

Outside of her endless ranting, nothing overly crazy happens. She basically gets confronted by Facebook’s security personnel and she refuses to leave, so they call the police. The video ends with her voluntarily leaving with a police escort.

What’s scary is that people are actually sending this hypocritical Jewess money on her website. At time of writing, she’s raised roughly $75,000 in donations which she says is going to go to a legal fund. She’s branding herself as the “most banned woman in America,” which in and of itself is a highly dubious claim.

While in many ways it is good that she is raising a fuss and drawing more attention to the tech censorship issue, it is important for people to understand that she is doing it for completely selfish reasons. If she really cared about free political speech, she wouldn’t have been notifying Discord to get nationalists banned.

But no matter how bad things get for her in America, she can always make Aliyah and start over in Israel. We do not have a similar option.