Laura Loomer Storms Pelosi’s Estate as Part of Bizarre Social Experiment

Roy Batty and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 15, 2019

This latest Loomer stunt confused me.

Just objectively speaking, no Jew-bashing or anything here, only a bit of friendly advice.

There’s a lot of clutter here, Laura

Look here:

I see several elements right off the top of my head.

  • Yellow Vests
  • A tent
  • Laura in a hard hat
  • “Immorality” written in red on a tent
  • Photos of people (presumably killed by illegals)
  • Mexicans holding up the tent (we understand these are illegal immigrants you hired for this performance)
  • And the context is that this was done on Nancy Pelosi’s private estate

If I were to give a regular person those details, would they be able to explain what the narrative or the key takeaway of this stunt was?

If not, you need to rethink the concept.


Conservative activist Laura Loomer invaded the Napa Valley estate of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) and set up a ‘sanctuary’ for illegal immigrants, amid the ongoing government shutdown over funding the border wall.

In addition to a mansion in San Francisco, Pelosi owns a vineyard in Napa Valley, California’s wine country. It was there that Loomer showed up on Monday, accompanied by several men wearing yellow vests, who were reportedly immigrants in the US illegally.

They climbed over the waist-high stone wall and set up a tent on the front lawn, with the word “Immorality” stenciled in red and photos of Americans killed by illegal immigrants hanging off one side. The whole thing was live-streamed. 

The poor Russky writer is no doubt struggling as much as I am to figure out what to make of this Frankenstein show that Laura stitched together.

Why are the illegals in Yellow Vests? 

Why are they carrying a tent?

Has Laura finally manage to lose some weight? 

These are just some of the questions that pop into my head as a reader and a potential consumer of the propaganda. If I’m confused, it’s not working on me. Presumably, the explanation is lurking somewhere in the livestream, but ain’t nobody going to watch 2.5 hours of Laura just to figure out what the hell she is doing.

Things only get more confusing when you find out Laura sent the illegal Mexicans with the tent to knock on Pelosi’s door to presumably rape and murder the old bitch and livestream that too.

Thankfully (?) Nancy wasn’t home.

Are the yellow vests a reference to the French protests? If so, then why are the people playing the bad guys – the illegal immigrants who she apparently hired to represent rapist murderers – wearing them?

Is this a statement against the French yellow vests? Or are the yellow vests completely unrelated to the French protests?  

Loomer-supporter Jack Posbiec capitalized “Yellow Vest,” so apparently he thought it was meant to reference the French protest movement.

So yeah, this whole stunt really shows the typical woman’s mind at work, doesn’t it?

Just illogical and hop-scotching from one idea to another – basically like what a conversation with your typical woman is like. Conversations with women are, in fact, just a live stream of their conscious mind. It can be charming and cute in small doses, but it’s neither logical nor particularly arresting. They’re always just filled with clutter – useless and contradictory info – like this protest. 

I can’t remember the details from any conversations I’ve had with women.

Just as I can’t remember what I just read about this Laura Loomer performance art. Minutes later, it’s all a blur.

This is truly even more confusing than her “handcuffed to the Twitter HQ” performance, where instead of simply saying that there should be free speech on the platform, she appeared to be saying both that Jews shouldn’t get banned from Twitter for criticizing Moslems and that Moslems should be banned for criticizing Jews.

Rather than taking a stand for free speech, anyone would walk away from the event thinking that the bitch was staging a pro-Israel protest. In fact, spectators that formed around her during that event started asking her to explain Israel killing Palestinians – a question which really, really should not enter into a discussion about free speech on social media.

Even totally ignoring the fact that this woman is a Jew, all of her performances are just bad. She’s ostensibly not even protesting anything I disagree with – certainly, I am opposed to immigration and I think there should be free speech on social media. But if you’re willing to go out there and do all of this illegal stuff to make a scene, why not do something that makes sense?