Latvia: Jews Bully City Into Free Rent for Hoax Museum Which is a Perverse Version of a Historic Village

The cool thing about being Jewish is not only are you the richest group of people on earth, but you can also bully governments into giving you free rent by claiming six million of your ancestors were gassed in fake shower rooms by Adolf Hitler.


The city government of Riga, Latvia, waived its demand for rent from a Holocaust museum whose director said it couldn’t afford to pay.

The Riga City Council on Monday withdrew its intention to collect $12,000 in rent per month from the Riga Ghetto Museum, one of the Latvian capital’s three Holocaust museums, Rabbi Menachem Barkahan, who heads the Shamir Association that runs the museum, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

The city also revised its plan to rezone most of the area it had leased to the museum for 10 years, agreeing to take away only half of its allocated 6,500 square feet. “This will allow the museum to keep its main exhibition, Ghetto Street, as is,” the Shamir Association said in a statement Tuesday.

The museum’s previous 10-year lease, which expired this year, did not charge any rent.

Frankly, these Jews ripping off the city of Riga for this rent is way worse than any single thing that Adolf Hitler did in his entire life.

Hitler never ripped anyone off.

By the way, this “Riga Ghetto” is like a historical village – if you know what that is.

We had one in Columbus, Ohio that was so fantastic. It’s at the Ohio Historical Society.

The OHS building is an absolute abomination.

(Frankly, it’s actually kind of quaint compared to a lot of more modern buildings.)

But around back, they have what might be the best thing ever: a recreation of a historic Ohio village called “Ohio Village.” It’s what’s called a “living museum.” It has several buildings, maintained exactly as they would have been in the mid-1800s.

The buildings have all of the furnishings from the era, all of them working. And they have actors playing the parts of people from the era. They even learn to speak in the dialect of the time.

It truly is like the greatest thing ever. I loved it so much as a kid. We always looked forward to field trips, but this was my number one favorite.

If I hadn’t been run out of society by Jews for writing a website, I would volunteer to be an actor at this place. I would be the doom preacher on the street and condemn the main square building for promoting the evolution and dinosaur hoaxes. I would strategically redpill the kids on dinosaurs.

Please watch this video, and experience the joy of my childhood:

Sadly, the video includes this:

I actually now feel dirty.

“Kids Zone.” They didn’t have that when I was a kid. When I was a kid, the Kids Zone was the village. Apparently, kids now are significantly stupider than they were when I was a kid. I literally looked forward to going to this village every year.

In fact, if I was an actor there when Kids Zone is there, I would be a doom preacher condemning that – “woe unto ye! Woe unto yon foul bouncy houses which polluteth this sacred ground! REPENT OF THINE BOUNCING!”

Seriously, man – what the darn heck?

But yeah, my point was: “Riga Ghetto” is as far as I can tell like the evil version of Ohio Village.

You go to Ohio Village and say: “Oh wow! I’m so happy to get to experience what it was like for my ancestors! What a wonderful experience!”

But you go to Riga Ghetto and some Jew says: “Goyim, you gassed my ancestors, goyim! Oh, you goyim, why did you gas us??? Why did you have to give us the gas, goyim??? Agggggghhhhh goyim, not the gas, goyim! Anything but the gas!”

It just never ends with these people.

The Jews want to make your entire life, your entire existence, about them. These “Holocaust Museums” are simply monuments to the alleged collective guilt of the white race for allegedly gassing all of these Jews in fake shower rooms. It didn’t happen. The story is stupid.

Watch this documentary.

This story is absolutely stupid. It is literally “Santa Claus for adults, except you were born evil.”

But say it did happen: everyone who did it is dead. None of us did it. We are not responsible for this alleged event. We do not deserve to be blamed for it, we do not deserve to be punished for it.

It’s stupid that we accept this.

I am a normal person. I want to have a happy life. I want a normal family, I want to be a volunteer actor at the Ohio Village. I don’t want to be hounded by sickening, Christ-killing Jews and blamed for some fake event that allegedly happened 40 years before I was born on a different continent. I’m a human being. I don’t deserve this. None of us do.