Latvia Bans RT Because Russia is Against Democracy

If democracy actually works, and leads to individuals being actualized, then why does it require such intense censorship?


The Baltic nation of Latvia has banned the state-controlled Russian television channel RT, saying that it is effectively controlled by a media figure who is under European Union sanctions.

But the man in question, Dmitry Kiselev, mocked the move Tuesday, saying that he never was in charge of RT. He suggested that Latvia should apologize to the channel and put it back on air.

He has been on the EU sanctions list for his alleged role in promoting Kremlin propaganda in support of Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea from Ukraine.

In all, the Latvian National Electronic Mass Media Council has banned seven channels belonging to the multilingual network operated by RT from being broadcast in Latvia, saying that RT was under Kiselev’s “effective control.”

These Eastern Europeans are babies, mad about Russia. They don’t understand what is coming for them, in the form of brown people and anal sex.

They do tend to be conservative countries, but they’re just so totally obsessed with Russia, that they end up aligned with the West.

That said, if the government feels the need to block Russian TV, then they must be worried that some portion of the population is getting to the point where they would prefer the devil they know to the devil of Islamic Analism.