Latest Poll Indicates That Trump is Winning Nationally

The proper analysis of this information is that Donald Trump is winning by a significant margin.

Obviously, national polls don’t matter overly much in the election itself, due to the way the electoral college functions, but they do give a good idea as to where the country is at, generally.

USA Today:

The political conventions over, Joe Biden now leads Donald Trump in the race for the White House by 50%-43%, the new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll finds. That seven-point advantage has narrowed from the 12-point edge he held in June.

As Labor Day looms, launching the campaign’s final sprint, the survey finds significant skepticism about whether the election itself can be trusted. If their candidate loses, one in four voters say they aren’t prepared to accept the outcome as fair and accurate – a signal of potential trouble ahead for a nation already engulfed in a deadly pandemic and riven over issues of racial justice.

“I’m definitely worried about it,” said Curtis Saffi, 38, an independent from Hampton, Georgia, who plans to vote for Biden. “Whether it’s the post office or someone meddling in our elections, you really don’t know.”

In all, 28% of the former vice president’s supporters say they aren’t prepared to accept a Trump victory as fairly won; 19% of President Trump’s supporters say they aren’t prepared to accept a Biden victory as legitimate.

We know that people are afraid to say “Donald Trump” on phone polls because they’re afraid of having their lives destroyed. Some of them will say “undecided,” but many more will say “Joe Biden.”

What’s more, Trump’s base is more likely to vote. It doesn’t look like a significant number of blacks are going to bother to vote.

Further: a lot of people are going to get in that booth and pull it for Trump and lie about it, because they’re scared of the socialist, violent agenda being promoted by the Democrats.

Following the lunatic heel turn from saying that the riots are either good or not actually happening to saying that BLM and Antifa are Trump supporters, I expect Democrat support to drop. It was already dropping as a result of the support for the violence, and coming out and blaming Trump for it was absolute damage control.

Basically, what happened was that the media did this hoax on the wrong timeframe. If the election would have been in July, when support for violent, rioting black and communist mobs was peaking, Biden would have won.

Again: we have to remember that the way a two party democracy works is that elections are decided by a small and obscure group of people without any serious convictions or knowledge of what is going on, but which is committed to society enough to actually go to the booth and pull a lever. In America, a big factor is also the current emotional state of blacks and women. What we have in America is literally the dumbest and most corrupt imaginable political system.

Remember: we haven’t even gotten to the debates, where Trump is going to expose Biden as completely senile. Biden might even start crying on stage. It’s going to be AWESOME.

The big question right now is this: does the media have a third massive hoax to hit the public with between now and November, following the coronavirus hoax and the racism hoax?

You should remember this: whoever wins, we’re looking at sustained riots, fires and random murders following the election. If you haven’t followed my advice and gotten out of the cities, you should. At the very least, you need to have some place to go for a week or two or ten following the election.

Maybe immediately after Trump wins, he’ll fire Attorney General William Barr and replace him with someone who is opposed to endless riots and just shut this down. But don’t count on that.