Latest O’Keefe Video Shows Twitter Pakis Saying They Read Ur DMs and View Ur Dick Pix

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 16, 2018

The greasy-ass Aziz Ansari lookalike from the previous installments of the Project Veritas Twitter series is back for the third part, where he tells one of O’Keefe’s harem sluts that he views your dick pics in your DMs.

In fact, they sell all content, including DM content, to advertisers to use to build a profile on you.

Please note that if they are selling it to advertisers, they are also selling it to the government.

They claim that they have 3-400 people who get paid to look at dick pics.

An interesting angle here is that if they are storing all DM information on a server that they have access to, the Twitter Pakis have access to untold amounts of child porn.

The idea that Pakis like the ones in the PV videos are not harvesting that CP and keeping it for themselves, as well as selling it, is laughable.

Pakis are a filthy, greasy pack of subhuman animals who are both sex perverts and completely amoral and willing to do anything for money.

O’Keefe is openly mocking these people in this installment – he actually went himself and met one of the guys. Who doesn’t know what this guy looks like?

These people just love bragging and feeling important.

O’Keefe was on Hannity last night to discuss this development.

O’Keefe points out that there appears to be an entire culture at Twitter which is based on abusing and mocking the userbase.

Please, please, please investigate this, government.

This is more proof than we need of wrongdoing by this evil corporation.

It should be nationalized.

Learn a Lesson, M8

With regards to Pakis and selling information to the government and other privacy violations: this is why I won’t use fucking Discord anymore and why everyone else needs to stop using it. Skype too. All of your private information is being funneled to the government and not just the government but to private groups like the SPLC and ADL (assuming they are willing to pay for it, and I assure you that they are).

When you sign up for Discord, just like when you sign up for Twitter, you click a form that says they’re allowed to use all of this information however they want.

nb4 “OH BUT ANGLIN THERE IS NO PRIVACY AND THEY CAN SEE EVERYTHING NO MATTER WHAT” – that is a lazy argument. Firstly, the CIA and the NSA are not the same thing as the ADL and the SPLC, or the FBI for that matter.

The CIA/NSA programs which are likely to be catching everything you do on the internet are very specific. For instance, this information isn’t even allowed to be used to stop terrorist attacks. Remember when the FBI couldn’t crack the iPhone after the San Bernardino terrorist attack? Obviously, they don’t have that technology – because it is illegal for them to have it. They ended up having to pay a private Israeli firm to unlock the phone.

So don’t give me this “it doesn’t matter” bullshit. It does matter.

Use one of these apps:



For any form of private communication whatsoever.

Shitposting in a big chatroom on Discord is fine, assuming you are using a proxy. If you’re not using a proxy, it isn’t fine: because they will sell your IP address to anyone, including anti-white hate groups, and they may be able to identify you from that.

We need a security culture in this movement, people. No joke.

This shit is serious.