Mail-In Chaos: No, No One is Going to Agree on Who Won the Presidential Election

We recently noted that the media is continuing to claim that the idea that large-scale mail-in voting would lead to serious complications has been “debunked,” and that this is actually a nonsensical statement.

What are they saying has been debunked? That every single case of problems involving mail-in voting has turned out to be a hoax?

Every single instance of mail-in voting has been plagued by complications. Now, we have a new situation in Florida.

Was this story debunked before it actually happened? Was there a kind of preemptive debunking?


More than 35,500 vote-by-mail ballots didn’t count in Florida’s recent primary, rejected because of missed deadlines or technical flaws, an analysis for POLITICO has found.

The rejections, which accounted for about 1.5 percent of the total vote, came as the battleground state prepares for what could be record voter turnout in the too-close-to-call November presidential election.

Nearly 66 percent of the rejected absentee ballots were disqualified because they arrived after Florida’s 7 p.m. Election Day deadline. The rest didn’t meet signature match requirements used by county election supervisors to verify voters identities, the analysis from University of Florida political science professor Dan Smith showed.

“This could be a huge problem in November,” Smith said. “We could exceed 100,000 vote-by-mail ballots that don’t count.“

In Florida — a swing state crucial to President Donald Trump’s reelection chances — that could be enough uncounted ballots to make a big difference. Three statewide races in 2018 went to recounts and were decided by 33,000 votes or fewer and, most notoriously, the 2000 presidential contest came down to 537 votes in Florida.

Trump won Florida by fewer than 113,000 votes four years ago in an election in which 28 percent of the state’s 9.5 million voters cast their ballots by mail.

By contrast, some 60 percent of votes cast in the state‘s Aug. 18 primary were sent by mail.

About 1.5 percent of the 2.35 million vote-by-mail primary ballots weren’t counted. While that percentage is on par with ballot rejections in the 2016 and 2018 general elections, November’s general election could be different, Smith said.

A historic number of ballots could be cast by mail in the general election because of the coronavirus pandemic and Democratic efforts to sign up absentee voters. The Florida Division of Elections reports that 4.5 million voters have requested a mail-in ballot, and many will start finding their way to mailboxes on Sept. 24.

The upshot could be a flood of first-time absentee voters who aren’t familiar with signature or deadline requirements and wind up casting ballots that don’t count by, for example, failing to properly sign the return envelope.

A potential flashpoint could be Democratic-leaning Miami-Dade County, which had close to one quarter of the mail-in ballots tossed out statewide. Most of those were ballots received after the deadline or without a signature. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden needs a strong showing in Miami-Dade to offset Trump support in other parts of the state, such as southwest Florida.

Okay, so.

Let’s just try to unpack this, once again.

Basically: the Democrats are openly and aggressively endorsing and demanding mass mail-in voting, despite the fact that we know that there are all of these problems. We literally have had problems in every single recent election that has involved mail-in voting. There is absolutely zero chance that there will not be mass complications in mail-in voting in the general election.

So why are the Democrats encouraging this?

Well, they know they can’t win in a fair election. So they want to increase their chances of winning by promoting this mail-in lunacy. However, I don’t even know that they intend to win this way. They may well know that they are going to eventually lose regardless, so they simply want to create mass chaos, because as the underdogs, there is no way this won’t benefit them.

In the very best case scenario for Trump, as things stand right now, he wins outright and the Supreme Court confirms his victory – and then the Democrats spend four years claiming that he stole the election. Because no matter how clear and evident Trump’s victory is, the Democrats are absolutely going to claim that he stole the election. There is literally zero chance that they will not do that.

The masses of people cannot grasp this, because the masses of people are not biologically designed to be capable of grasping lies and hoaxes on this scale.

We need to understand that normies are biologically programmed to go along with whatever they considered to be the mainstream thinking, regardless of whether or not it makes any basic sense at all. That’s why you cannot get angry at them. This can all just keep getting dumber and dumber, and the masses of people will continue to go along with it, as long as they believe that everyone else is also going along with it.

Donald Trump said outright that they want this to be an endless chaotic mess.

Of course, that piece of shit shill Marco Rubio went out there and denounced him for it.


Senate Republicans on Thursday forcefully rejected President Donald Trump’s suggestion that the 2020 election results might not be accurately determined, but largely declined to address previous bipartisan conclusions that such rhetoric aids foreign adversaries.

Trump, who has frequently made comments that undermine confidence in the electoral process and once suggested delaying the election, tweeted on Thursday morning that the “result may never be accurately determined, which is what some want.”

The president’s assertions have been based on unsubstantiated claims about mail-in voting, which is expected to be widespread this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. U.S. intelligence officials have also warned that foreign actors, including the Russian government, have amplified similar claims in order to instill doubt in the process.

(Note that POLITICO itself did the above report on the problems in Florida. It’s not clear if they are here accusing themselves of being foreign actors for the Russian government spreading unsubstantiated claims, though that seems to be the obvious implication.)

Twitter officials flagged Trump’s tweet as “potentially misleading statement regarding the process of mail-in voting” — and many GOP senators agreed.

“It’s just not accurate,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), acting chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said when asked whether Trump’s comment was inappropriate.

“I don’t think we’ll have inaccurate election results,” Rubio added. “They may take a lot longer than they ever have because of the amount of mailed ballots that are going to come in and so forth. But I don’t have any concerns about the accuracy of the election.”

What is even Rubio’s claim?

He won’t give the details, of course. Which is what would be needed, given that the reasons people believe there are going to be very serious problems are based on detailed information regarding both a history of fraud and the fact that all of these very recent primaries have been plagued by chaos.

But how can anyone possibly claim that we are going to have agreed upon election results?

It is quite clearly and self-evidently beyond the realm of conceivable realities.

There are still fat women out there claiming that Trump is a Russian agent, after the Democrat Jews did a three-year investigation and found that he wasn’t. You think they won’t spend until 2024 claiming that Trump stole the election?

Note that when Twitter adds these “liar” tags to Trump tweets, it appears blue on their site.

Then when you embed the tweet, it turns red.

I don’t know what the meaning of this color scheme is.

The warning links to a site debunking the “false claims” that there are problems with mail-in voting. It doesn’t mention the most recent incident at the Florida primary.

Twitter inserted it again in another one of Trump’s tweets yesterday, where he was calling out Christopher Wray.

I don’t know how Trump is tolerating Twitter doing this. It’s just totally unfathomable that they’re allowed to do this, and Trump should be spending every waking hour trying to figure out how to shut these people down.

Trump is going to win this election. But if it wasn’t for the censorship, he would win by a massive landslide. If people like me and my Troll Army were still allowed to go out there and support Trump with memes, allowed to address these insane media lies in a clever and intelligent way, he would be polling at 70%.

The single biggest mistake this administration made was not making free speech the focus of everything. It is the only thing that really matters, because if you don’t have free speech, you don’t have anything else.