Latest Big Tech Hearing was Another Pointless Circus

On Tuesday, the Senate had another hearing on big tech censorship. This is the second such meeting in a month. The hearings are ostensibly to the ends of deciding whether Congress should strip big tech of their protections under the Communications Decency Act, which gives them immunity from prosecution over the content of their sites.

The hearings are a pointless jerk-off. This Congress would never vote against big tech, because big tech throws around huge amounts of money. While most of the money goes to Democrats, Republicans can be bought off very cheaply, so Facebook, Google and Twitter buy them too.

Although the hearing was ostensibly to investigate if there is too much censorship, the Jew Senator Richard Blumenthal, known as Da Nang Dick for his lies about having fought in Vietnam, used the opportunity to demand more censorship.

Blumenthal demanded that his Jewish kinsman Mark Zuckerberg ban the account of Steve Bannon. Bannon was recently banned from Twitter and YouTube (Google) for saying he wanted Anthony Fauci’s head on a pike.

On the other side, Ted Cruz engaged in another EPIC TAKEDOWN of the weirdo Jack Dorsey.

It’s a nice clip, but the reality is that none of these congresspeople who are in the EPIC TAKEDOWN business ever end up doing anything at all.

The one thing of interest that did happen was the Senator Josh Hawley, who has been leading a campaign against big tech, got Mark Zuckerberg to admit that they have a system to coordinate censorship across competing platforms (i.e., Facebook communicates with Google and Twitter to silence people all at once).

Hawley had previously gotten a tip from a whistleblower that such programs existed.

But is that going to change the willingness of a totally bought and paid for Congress to make any single change in the way these tech companies are allowed to operate?

No. Of course it won’t. Very few of the boomers that run Congress would even understand the significance of it, and virtually none of them would care.

Hawley also got Facebook to admit to using secret tools to track people across the internet, something that we already knew existed but had previously been denied by Zuckerberg.

Here’s that full exchange.

Hawley also apparently caught Zuckerberg lying under oath.

But that doesn’t really matter either.

Who is going to charge him? The Justice Department?

Hawley also appeared on Tucker Carlson last night after the hearing to discuss what happened.

I wish I could believe that something is going to happen with big tech, but I frankly just do not see it.

If Donald Trump has the election stolen from him, this is all going to get much more outrageous. They are just going to ban anyone who says anything, and establish a complete and total lockdown on all information.