Latest Attack on Bitcoin Proves Cryptocurrency “Environmental Cost” is Actually a Great Deal

“Your freedom is fueling climate change, peasant.”

Following a streak of recent attacks on Bitcoin by the media and Bill Gates, the Independent published a piece titled “What is Bitcoin mining and why is it so harmful to the environment?,” where they drop an important fact:

For the planet as a whole, the computing power required to support Bitcoin’s underlying network now requires nearly as much energy as the whole of Argentina.

The above is supposed to suggest that Bitcoin is bad for the environment, but according to the latest numbers, Argentina’s population is around 45 million people.

Everyone should ask themselves if, right now, having a currency that is not controlled by the rulers is worth the equivalent cost of adding 45 million people to the planet. Yes, the alleged electricity cost will go up as more people get into Bitcoin, but that —according to the “logic” of what they’ve proposed to fight alleged climate change so far— shouldn’t be an argument against its use but an argument for figuring out how to use “clean energy” to fuel it.

The elite and the rulers have been telling the masses for decades that the world has to move to clean energies to prevent some kind of weather apocalypse.

They’re literally claiming that “zero emissions” are needed to prevent worldwide catastrophe, so if they argue that people should stop using Bitcoin because the energy cost somehow harms the planet, they should also argue for ceasing to use everything else with an energy cost, and tell people to go live in a cabin in the woods.

But the solution they offer is for people to just trust the current currencies controlled by them, and wait for an upcoming cryptocurrency that will also be controlled by them.

It is clear that their real concern is not the planet but having control over the financial system, so that they have the power to arbitrarily prevent people from buying and selling.

Otherwise, they’d be arguing for banning all forms of social media to unglue people from their smartphones and computers – those all use a lot of energy.

That would surely decrease this “energy cost” they talk about much more than a small portion of the world population mining Bitcoin.