Late Night Comedians are Hurting America

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2017

Using humor to push a political agenda is the most effective way to push that agenda; anyone who has read Stormer for any length of time understands this.

The left also understands this, and attempt to push their own agendas in a similar way through late night TV.

The difference between them and us is they have no real arguments based in truth on their side, while we do.

If you are ever caught debating a point, especially with someone who has more wit than the average leftist, remember this.

If you can argue your point in a way that is both factually accurate and funny, anyone listening will be inclined to follow you.

The winners of arguments are always going to be the people that leave the debate laughing or who make their opponent angry enough to stop talking, no matter what they had said.