Last Gasp of the Judeo-Globalists: Trump Supporters Defy System to Rally at Trump Tower, Crowds Jeer Ryan and Fellow Traitors

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 9, 2016

Amid an attempted coup by Paul Ryan , John McCain , and other  Judeo-Globalist insiders using the crime of loving pussy as a phony pretext for a planned assault, Donald Trump has emerged steadfast and completely defiant. The above video from earlier today show a large crowd in New York City coming out in the rain to express their will to stand with Trump until the final victory. Trump took a break from his rigorous debate practice sessions to go out and personally greet the crowd, as well as the NYPD, which was reportedly (from a source of mine who was there) giving messages in support of Trump over their speakers.  The scene had an uncanny similarity to grassroots support for anti-globalist revolutionary Hugo Chavez when he survived the US government campaign to have him recalled in 2004.  As America continues getting poorer and more corrupt, the force of popular power will divorce itself from fruitless diversions like football and porn, while becoming more and more engaged with the political system–to the detriment of Manhattan and DC Power-Zionism.

Come on white Goyim, go back to watching football. Let us take care of the politics.
Come on Goyim, go back to watching football and eating your potato chips. Let us take care of the icky, difficult politics, all you got to do is vote for a fellow Wisconsite and hold this #1  foam hand.

Simultaneously, Paul Ryan was mercilessly heckled during his hollow football-and-mom-jeans event in Southern Wisconsin, something that would’ve worked with testosterone deficient suburbanites once upon a time when Americans had jobs and money. Ryan had disinvited Trump for being attracted to women and wanting to have sex with them, but sought to create a fissure in the GOP ticket by asking Pence to come instead.  Pence gave Ryan the finger , even the crowd in highly cuck’d, cherry picked, Wisconsin GOPites couldn’t contain their anger at Ryan:

Ryan announced Friday that Trump was no longer welcome at the rally after a recording was released featuring the former reality TV star making vulgar comments about women. Trump’s running mate Mike Pence was to fill in for Trump, but the Indiana governor canceled hours before the annual “Fall Fest” event began.

Defiant Trump supporters voiced their frustration at Ryan and other Republicans who spoke at the county fairgrounds in front of two large American flags, rows of pumpkins and stacks of straw. Ryan — who said Friday he was “sickened” by Trump’s words — was heckled with shouts of “Shame on you!” and “You turned your backs on us!”

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel, the only speaker to directly address Trump’s crude remarks, was heckled when he said “I know Donald Trump has said some things that are bad.”

“Get over it!” someone shouted.

Ryan obliquely referred to the furor as “a bit of an elephant in the room,” at the opening of his 7-minute speech.

“It is a troubling situation, and I’m serious, it is,” Ryan said. “I put out a statement about this last night. I meant what I said and it’s still how I feel. But that is not what we are here to talk about today.”

Other speakers — including Sen. Ron Johnson and Gov. Scott Walker — didn’t mention Trump and instead focused on state contests, such as Johnson’s Senate race with Democrat Russ Feingold. But Walker and Johnson both released statements ahead of the event denouncing Trump.

Many in the crowd made clear they were standing by the candidate.

“Trump is a great man,” said Scott Reese, a 40-year-old plumber wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat. “We all make mistakes.”

Jean Stanley, a 50-year-old woman from New Berlin, Wisconsin, came to the rally wearing a pink T-shirt with bold, black lettering that said “Wisconsin Women Love Trump.”

“He’s a real human,” Stanley said. “It was a long time ago. We all have something in our past. He was a Hollywood icon then.”

Julie Marso, from Milwaukee, said she still supports Trump.

“You should vote according to the issues facing this country, not the kind of dirt you can dig up on people,” she said.

Orville Seymer, a 62-year-old conservative activist wearing a red, white and blue American flag hat, said the “mildly vulgar comments from 11 years ago” are getting a disproportionate amount of media attention, especially compared to Clinton’s “numerous scandals.”

Stanley called Ryan a “traitor” for denouncing Trump, a sentiment echoed by Dennis Karbowski, a trucker from Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

“Mr. Trump is human,” Karbowski said. “We’ve all said those things. … Either you believe in your party or you don’t. I don’t like Judases.”

Even those who didn’t boo the Judeo-Globalists out of politeness will still back Trump, including normal (married, heterosexual, not bitter that Trump wouldn’t have sex with them) women.

In Nevada, where GOP establishment representative Joe Heck is in a tight race against a Democrat, he gave a speech advising people not to vote for Trump. The mere mention drew furious boos from the crowd. Joe Heck has officially guaranteed a loss after this, these types of political suicide bombings are obviously bought and paid for by the donors propping up this spineless pear-shaped jelly fish. Heck is willing to lose his own election just to strategically shave away a few hundred votes away from Trump in purple Nevada and give them to Hillary. Let that sink in if you think we live in an actual democracy or republic.

The loudest heckler was a female voice, were it not for the security presence at this <100 person rally ( deMOCKcracy), he probably would’ve gotten lynched. Here’s the video:

Now the ultimate Jew-tool, John McCain, who endorsed Donald Trump to not be destroyed in his primary, has “withdrawn” the endorsement. To say this guy is a tool is an understatement, there has never been a single reckless Jew Neo-con call to war John McCain hasn’t been the Goy-facade lobbyist for–from Syria to Iran to Russia. Here is the old arthiritis bag who demands millions of soldiers, women, and children die for Israel shamelessly asserting a moral high ground:

“But Donald Trump’s behavior this week, concluding with the disclosure of his demeaning comments about women and his boasts about sexual assaults, make it impossible to continue to offer even conditional support for his candidacy. Cindy, with her strong background in human rights and respect for women fully agrees with me on this.

“Cindy and I will not vote for Donald Trump. I have never voted for a Democratic presidential candidate and we will not vote for Hillary Clinton. We will write in the name of some good conservative Republican who is qualified to be President.”

Similar events are unfolding at feeble cuckservative rallies across the nation. The people want Trump, the oligarchs want Hillary, the old tricks won’t work anymore.

Trump himself is partially at fault for this coordinated attempt at a sabotage. Listening to his consultants, Trump took the counter-intuitive stance of endorsing traitors to the United States like Paul Ryan and John McCain in their primaries, as a sort of olive branch to the old and dying GOP. The idea was to loosen up certain RNC funds and blunt the blows he was expecting from the Jewish oligarchic interests represented within the Republican party. It’s clear now they’re not going to go down without a fight, and have a whole line up of kamikazes willing to stop him.   

Because the Daily Stormer has more readers than 90% of the “conservative” publications shilling for Hillary and Gary Johnson, we will proudly announce our own endorsements.

If you live in a state with an anti-Trump GOP representative, vote for the Democrat congressional candidate on November 8th.  There is no point in electing people like this to a Trump government because they will simply block and deform every piece of legislation he tries to pass, so it is better to polarize between GOP and Democrat than elect cronies like Ryan.  McCain, Ryan, Heck, and all the others of this stripe need to get out or switch to the Democratic party. The new GOP is now going to be the party of normal working people.

Here is a full list of RepubliCucks who have not endorsed, attacked, or are asking for Trump to step down. Vote against all of them or vote only for Trump:

Rep. Barbara Comstock of Virginia
Rep Bradley Byrne of Alabama
Rep. Martha Roby of Alabama
Rep Scott Garrett of New Jersey
Sen. Mike Crapo of Idaho
Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado
Gov. Dennis Daugaard of South Dakota
Rep. Joe Heck of Nevada
Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado
Rep. Mia Love of Utah
Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado
Sen. John Thune of South Dakota
Sen. Dan Sullivan of Alaska
Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
Rep. Barbara Comstock of Virginia
Sen Shelley Moore Capito of W.Virginia
Sen. Deb Fischer of Nebraska
Rep. Ann Wagner of Missouri
Rep. Rodney Davis of Missouri
Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah
Rep. Cresent Hardy of Nevada
Rob Engstrom of US Chamber of Congress
Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan

Gov Gary Herbert of Utah
Sen. Jason Chaffetz of Utah
Sen Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire
Gov Bentley of Alabama
Gov. Sandoval of Nevada
Sen. John McCain of Arizona
Gov. John Kasich of Ohio
Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska
Rep. Tom Rooney of Florida
Rep. Erik Paulsen of Minnesota
Rep. Frank LoBiondo of New Jersey

Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona
Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois
Sen. Mike Lee of Utah
Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska
Rep. Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania
Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan