81-Year-Old Yenta Fag-Hag Vegas Mayor Chosen by CNN to Represent People Who Want to Open the Country

When most experts and government officials are in a state of panicked hysteria acting like complete retards, 80-year-old women simply stating the obvious end up accidentally sounding smart.

Daily Mail:

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman doubled down on her calls for the city’s businesses to reopen while shirking any responsibility for making sure that happens safely during an off-the-rails interview with CNN.

Goodman, an independent, has been a fierce critic of Nevada’s stay-at-home order, branding it ‘total insanity’ as she fights to reopen her city.

CNN host Anderson Cooper grilled her about her stance on Wednesday, asking how she plans to ensure that people continue social distancing in crowded casinos and restaurants.

The mayor responded by insisting that it isn’t her job to implement social distancing guidelines.

‘I am not a private owner. That’s the competition in this country. The free enterprise and to be able to make sure that what you offer the public meets the needs of the public,’ Goodman said.

Right now, we’re in a crisis health-wise, and so for a restaurant to be open or a small boutique to be open, they better figure it out. That’s their job. That’s not the mayor’s job.’

She later added: ‘I’d love everything open because I think we’ve had viruses for years that have been here.’

Goodman struck a calm casual tone throughout the interview as Cooper appeared to grow more and more frustrated by her dodging his questions.

You’re encouraging hundreds of thousands of people coming there, in casinos, smoking, drinking, touching slot machines, breathing circulated air, and then returning home to states around America and countries around the world – doesn’t that sound like a virus petri dish?‘ Cooper asked.

‘You know what, it sounds like you’re being an alarmist,’ Goodman replied. ‘I’m not. I’ve lived a long life, I grew up in the heart of Manhattan, I know what it’s like to be with subways, on buses and crammed into elevators.’

People are allowed to go to the supermarket though. What’s the practical difference between supermarkets and casinos regarding the spread of viruses?


They both have people touching stuff, breathing circulated air, and then returning home to spread whatever they’ve contracted to family members.

The supermarket loophole has made all of these arguments from the media null.

Questioned about whether she believes there should be social distancing, Goodman said: ‘Of course I believe there should be social distancing. Of course. I’m a rational.’

How do you do that in casinos?‘ Cooper pressed.

‘That’s up to them to figure out,’ Goodman responded. ‘I don’t own a casino, I don’t know anything about building a casino.’

‘Wait a minute – you’re the mayor of Las Vegas, and you want casinos to be open even though you have no authority, thankfully, over casinos.

‘You say open them up – you have no responsibility about how that would be done safely?’ Cooper asked.

‘No, no, no, you’re blurring. I’m not going there,’ Goodman said.

‘You said it’s not your job,’ Cooper noted.

‘I am not a private owner of a hotel,’ Goodman said. ‘I wish I were. I would have the cleanest hotel with six feet figured out for every human who comes in there.’

Of course it’s not the government’s job to tell people how they’re allowed to interact with one another – this entire concept would have sounded insane to everyone in the country a few months ago, now Anderson Cooper expects us to take it for granted.

The fact of reality is that every single person had the option of locking themselves in their houses if they were really afraid of the coronavirus. There was no reason that the entire population needed to be locked in their houses by the government in order to protect those who thought they were at risk, or were otherwise in a state of hysterical fear over the virus. This is an absolute nanny state move, making the decision for the entire population. The government had no right to strip people of their most basic freedoms in the name of protecting them from their own choices.

It is fundamental to any society that grown adults be allowed to make their own decisions about the way they choose to live their lives. Not even 20th century communist regimes exercised this level of control over people’s lives. Not even anywhere close, in fact. They might have told people where they were or weren’t allowed to work and live, but they didn’t tell people where they were allowed to go on the street or who they were allowed to talk to or how close they were allowed to stand to someone else on the street. They didn’t arrest women for allowing their children to play in the park. America in 2020 has invented the purest form of total oppression that has ever existed in all of human history.

The full interview is nearly 30 minutes long, and it is plainly obvious that CNN brought Goodman on purely as a foil for their agenda.

The woman is 81-years-old, and not exactly on the ball.

Even when she was younger, she was a belligerent yenta fag-hag of the sort that Vegas loves but that normal people tend to find ridiculous.

Obviously, normies tend to watch discussions like this and side with the person who seems the most credible, and a sharp faggot like Anderson seems a lot more on the ball than a sloppy old half-drunk fag-hag like Goodman.

Cooper the thespian was hamming it up over 9000, creating this viral image for the true doom-believing goyim to spread around Twitter as they gibber about the stupidity of people who won’t follow the rules:

Nothing Goodman said was actually wrong, but they’ve made her the face of the “reopen” movement with this viral interview, and that was clearly the plan all along.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is saying the same thing as Mayor Goodman – why was he not brought on for a half hour interview with Anderson Cooper?

Is it because he isn’t a flamboyant 81-year-old Jewish fag-hag and he wouldn’t have acted like a living meme?

Governor Kemp is doing interviewers defending his position – he did one with Fox on Tuesday.

In that short interview, Kemp said the golden words: in the gym, people are further away from each other than in the supermarket. He went through evidence and data, in a calm and professional manner, and discussed some of the fallout from the shutdown with sobriety.

But CNN didn’t call him.

They called this woman: