Las Vegas: Cigar-Shaped UFO “Glowing from the Inside” Hurtles Across Sky

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2019

Alleged footage starts at 2:13

People should be asking more questions about these things.

Daily Star:

A cigar-shaped UFO has been filmed “glowing from the inside” as it hurtled across the sky.

The clip, uploaded to YouTube only days ago, was filmed on August 10 over the La Madre mountains in Las Vegas, Nevada, US.

In it a lit up orb can been seen travelling through the night sky before a cigar-shaped white object cuts through the screen.

While trying to capture the bizarre object in greater detail, the camera man slowed down the footage.

It showed the lit up object cutting past the orb while leaving a trail of light behind.

An on screen caption reads: “The object appears to be glowing internally.

“The shape of the object is perfectly symmetrical.”

Upon zooming in closer, it becomes more apparent the object is tic-tac shaped.

Another caption read: “It is definitely being propelled.”

Over the past months, tic-tac shaped UFO sightings have often hit the headlines.

Many believe the sightings could ” prove” the US Space Force is already in action.

Last week, another cigar-shaped UFO was captured over Kansas in bizarre footage.

If the alleged US Space Force is behind some or all of these recent UFO sightings in America, what about the other UFO sightings in the rest of the world?

What about the past UFO sightings?

Just how many factions are involved in these incidents? How many different kinds of UFOs are there?

Earlier this month, it was teased that we may soon hear about Pyramid UFOs too.

Daily Star:

A mysterious pyramid in the sky has been captured hovering over the US city of Philadelphia in a photo, according to a stunned witness.

Youtuber researcher MrMBB333 said the “simply amazing” phenomenon – which was photographed by a woman called Venetia – appeared to show the triangle shape in the night sky.

There seems to be an orange-red tint behind the shape – giving the impression of the “object” on fire.

“It looks like a pyramid in the sky”, MrMBB333 said, adding that there “is definitely something there”.

This could be related to the Imperial Star Destroyer UFO, or it could be a new kind of UFO.

What’s important to consider here is that these recent attempts to explain these sightings as some kind of US Space Force test or even as technology possessed by other countries still leaves a big question mark on all past UFO sightings.

Popular Mechanics published a piece a few days ago detailing witness accounts of what they call “one of the most compelling UFO cases in modern history.”

Below you can read the introduction to it.

Popular Mechanics:

What, exactly, did the Navy encounter 15 years ago off the Southern California coast, when fighter pilots spotted a UFO? These men were there, too⁠—and it’s time they tell their side of the story.

The five men share an easy rapport with each other, playfully ribbing one another while also communicating a deep sense of mutual respect. It’s clear they all share the bond of having once served in the armed forces. Yet for Gary Voorhis, Jason Turner, P.J. Hughes, Ryan Weigelt, and Kevin Day—assembled together in a private group chat by Popular Mechanics—something much bigger ties them together beyond simply serving in the U.S. Navy.

These men also share a connection of being witnesses to one of the most compelling UFO cases in modern history: the Nimitz UFO Encounters, an event that the Navy recently confirmed indeed involved “unidentified aerial phenomena.”

Largely overshadowed by a grainy black-and-white video, and a former Topgun fighter pilot eyewitness, these veterans offer new and intriguing details on what occurred with the Navy’s Strike Carrier Group-11 as it sailed roughly 100 miles off the Southern California coast in 2004—details that a former career intelligence agent who investigated the Nimitz Encounter while at the Pentagon can neither confirm, deny, or even discuss with Popular Mechanics.

Ultimately, these five men—the “other” Nimitz witnesses—could be key to understanding an event that a leading aviation defense expert says “likely wasn’t ours.”

So whose was it?

“Whose was it?” is indeed the critical question here.

Even some grandparents have tales about witnessing UFOs in their childhoods. These “incidents” have been happening since who knows when.

I propose putting big signs on the ground asking for them to come down and say hi to us.

We have to try something. These things are parading above us and people are just observing them in silence? What kind of autism is that?

Let’s say hi.

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