Large Terrorist Attack in Vienna – Media Covers It Up

There was a major terrorist attack in Austria on Monday. In fact, it’s still going on at time of writing.

There is still a whole lot of fog of war. Some people are saying both that:

  1. They targeted multiple locations at once in a coordinated mass attack, and
  2. Only one person died

It doesn’t really seem possible that both those things are true at the same time:

The Austrian police are known for not saying what’s going on in the middle of an attack. My thought is that there are probably a whole bunch of people killed.

I’ve only seen one picture with blood.

The Jews are saying no Jews died.

I don’t really know how they can know that. Also, it would be pretty nuts if the Moslems attacked a neighborhood with a bunch of synagogues and instead of attacking Jews just killed white people at cafes.

There are some videos of people running around. None of them are particularly exciting.

Politicians are sending their love.

I’m so sick of this “we’re stronger” bullshit. You’re strong enough to be murdered? What does it even mean?

You’re obviously not strong enough to just deport these absurd savages from your country.

People are saying one of the attackers is a white guy.

That might be true. Who knows?

Some of them were allegedly arrested and they look like Central Asians.

It could be a mixed race combo. Who knows. What I know is: I’m gonna be really surprised if six guys with guns and bombs only managed to kill one person.

What is true: we do have white people in our countries converting to Islam, and people need to ask what the hell is going on with our society and culture if white young men want to covert to Islam to develop an identity.

Whatever the details of the attack end up being: this is a major event.

You would think the media would be covering it – but they’re covering it up!

New York Times:

Washington Post:


NBC News:

And it’s not because this isn’t important news – look at the British media.

The Guardian:

Daily Mail:

The American Jew media doesn’t want “TERRORIST ATTACK – MOSLEMS KILL WHITES” as a top headline on the day of the election.

Any single “undecided voter” that might exist is going to be going in there deciding “do I want the guy who is against Moslems or the guy who wants to totally flood the country with Moslems?”

Not a hard choice, even for a complete moron.

This media situation is totally absurd. What makes it even more absurd is that they are engaged in a massive censorship campaign against any normal person not involved with the media who attempts to share information and ideas.

Remember: it was media campaigns that were responsible for the banning of both Andrew Anglin and Alex Jones.

They not only want to lie to you and bury important information, but they also want to bury anyone who tries to tell the truth.

It’s out of control and they need to be charged as a criminal conspiracy to defraud the public.

We’ll have updates on the kill count if it comes out.

Here’s a picture of the Vienna Parliament.


But I’ve seen some really gross crap in Vienna in terms of the architecture while watching these clips of the attack. Really, really bad stuff.

We need to talk about buildings A LOT MORE. I’m gonna start doing a massive analysis of cities. We need a movement to start calling to tear down buildings. We can make that our lead agenda. Then if someone says, “yeah but do you hate the Jews though?” we can just be like, “yes, but let’s focus on these buildings, okay?”

We can gain massive power. People hate these buildings.

I just saw this picture in the New York Times:

Look at that. It’s a scene from hell.

This was also in the New York Times:

Then the article had a bunch of ugly immigrants:

Which is uglier? The immigrants or the streets of our cities?

Of course any society is going to allow all of these ugly savages in their country after they’ve allowed all these ugly buildings and gigantic advertisements. The country that allows that doesn’t care about themselves.