Large Department Store Chain Renames Plus-Sized Clothing as “Fabulously Sized”

Daily Stormer
September 13, 2017


We live in a world where words have no meaning anymore. And we have the kikes to thank for it.


While the term “plus-size” is relatively ubiquitous throughout the fashion industry, not everyone is totally on board with that labeling of women whose bodies don’t happen to fit the traditional runway mold. The term “plus” implies that women who wear those sizes are outside of the norm, or the traditional “regular” sized run of clothing that goes from zero to 12, when in fact, women who wear sizes larger than that are actually by far the norm.

And that, you dumb cunt, is a bad thing. The fact that more and more people are getting fatter and fatter doesn’t make those slightly less fat thin.

 The average American woman, for example, in 2017 wears a size 16 or 18, meaning there’s absolutely nothing “plus” or atypical about that particular clothing range. And now Kmart had decided to honor that statistic in a new way, henceforth re-labeling all of their “plus-size” collections as “fabulously sized” instead.

You know what would be really fabulous? Fat fucks dying very violently!


Kelly Cook, Kmart’s chief marketing officer told Women’s Wear Daily of the shift away from this controversial terminology, “When we reached out to our members on social media, they told us we needed to have a better assortment and that we should we call it something different. They absolutely love this whole mantra of ‘Fabulously Sized.’

You mean people who are so retarded that they’re literally stuffing themselves into an early (and very large) grave are also stupid enough to love idiots who are trying to make money by lying to them that they’re not worthless scum?

I’m shocked.


While the move away from the word “plus” is a welcome change in an industry known for othering women size 4 and up, as well as a shift in vernacular body positive activists like Ashley Graham have long been asking for, the euphemistic choice to dub this clothing “fabulously sized” seems equally odd as it still creates an unnecessary dichotomy that suggests a certain category of physiques are somehow more or less phenomenal than others.Not to mention, putting these clothes in specially designated sections does little to destigmatize shopping for those sizes. But regardless, any time fashion finds a way to respect the real bodies of their actual consumers, that seems like something worth celebrating.

Words, sanity, common sense, health, aesthetics, truth… These things do not mean anything anymore. The only thing that matters anymore is fat women’s feels. This is the world the Jew has created, and the world that those of us still sane must end, and must make sure never happens again.

These creatures aren’t killing themselves fast enough for us to ignore.