Large CNN Article on the Collapse of the SPLC: “Systematic Culture of Racism and Sexism”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2019

I want to note that there is not a systematic culture of racism and sexism at the Daily Stormer – even though I support both racism and sexism, I am a genuinely friendly person. I have never even raped my secretary.

Morris Dees and Richard Cohen are not friendly people.

They are deranged skin-hating perverts who claimed to be fighting racism and sexism.


Some employees at the Southern Poverty Law Center say the legendary civil rights nonprofit group suffers from a “systemic culture of racism and sexism within its workplace.”

The SPLC, which has been on the front line of the fight against racial inequality and injustice in the United States since 1971, has been thrust into chaos after allegations over its treatment of minority and female employees.

CNN is confused.

For so very many years, they’ve been citing the SPLC as the ultimate authority. Literally, anything the group says was taken as if Yahweh himself had carved it into stone. And now they have to report on them negatively.

So they are continuing to claim they are on the “front lines of fighting racism” while they are reporting that they are in fact on the front lines of doing racism.

The reality is that the SPLC was simply a money racket that did nothing but hype up a fake agenda to harass hillbillies and bloggers. They do not even do poverty law.

The claims have been followed by changes in its leadership and a company-wide review.

CNN spoke with three current employees of the organization who talked on condition of anonymity because of fears over possible retribution.

It was one of those employees who cited the systemic problems with racism and sexism, and a second employee agreed with that assessment.

The Alabama-based activist group is nationally known for tracking civil rights abuses and hate crimes, while preaching tolerance. The group established itself as a crusading force by fighting racism and exposing extremist groups, taking many cases pro bono. A famed civil rights activist, the late Julian Bond, was the group’s first president.

I think they only take cases “pro bono.”

That’s because they have half a billion dollars stored in off-shore accounts. They do nothing but fund-raise all the time. They are making a massive profit.

I think they are basically getting into Bernie Madoff territory in that they are ripping off Jewish donors. Madoff was a Jew who ripped off other Jews and he got no sympathy from the Jews.

But one of the employees who spoke to CNN alleged the organization suffers from a “pervasive racist culture” and an environment in which a woman is not seen or heard. She also said qualified African-American employees were regularly passed over for promotions — including one African-American colleague she describes as brilliant. She added, “My boss only hires white people.”

The employee described the current upheaval at the SPLC as a revolution against the organization’s leadership, “initiated by employees” because workers were “tired of seeing the pervasive culture exist” unchallenged by those in charge.

The SPLC fired co-founder Morris Dees on March 13 and launched a top-to-bottom external review of workplace culture, headed by former Michelle Obama chief-of-staff Tina Tchen.

Tina is also running the Chicago State’s Attorney plot to free Jussie Smollett.

Very strange that this fat gook is showing up in both of these top stories right now.

The organization said Dees had previously been disciplined after a prior investigation into “inappropriate conduct.” It would not elaborate on the nature of that conduct.

Last week, Cohen himself stepped down after more than 30 years with the center, saying his departure would help the SPLC move forward.

“We’ve heard from our staff that we need to do a better job of making sure that our workplace embodies the values we espouse — truth, justice, equity, and inclusion,” Cohen said in a statement.

Jews are so sickening.

Of course they are doing racism and sexism at their anti-racist, anti-sexist organization.

Have you seen what they do to the Arabs?

All of this “anti-racist” bullshit is just bullshit.

The Jews are the most racist people of all.

I’ve never killed a Palestinian child. Jews do it all the time. And the SPLC is suing me for saying that.

Jews literally just accuse their enemies of everything they do. This sometimes leads to bizarre accusations, such as that white people who want to have their own countries “think they should rule over other races.” Obviously, white nationalists do not think they should rule over other races, we just want our own countries. Jews accuse us of that because that’s what they are doing.

The same is true for saying that white nationalists think whites are “the master race.” No one thinks like that other than the Jews.

They tell us that “rape culture” is white, while over 80% of the metoo perverts were Jewish.

It is some sick psychological defect of the Jews that they compulsively accuse others of everything they do.

The SPLC continues to go through upheaval, with its legal director abruptly resigning in recent days. She would not comment when contacted by CNN.

One employee said of Cohen’s departure, “Employees asked the president to step down. He didn’t do anything to change the culture, and he left because of it.”

CNN reached out multiple times on Monday to Dees and Cohen about the workplace allegations. They have not returned our messages.

That must sting, huh CNN?

Your BFF blowing you off like that.

When initially asked about his termination, Dees told CNN it wasn’t his decision to leave SPLC. “It’s a very fine group. I’ve devoted 50 years of my life to the center. I wish them the very best,” Dees said. He would not elaborate on how he learned about his dismissal or the reasoning behind it. He only said that he “can let (his) life’s work and reputation speak for itself.”

In the past few years, Dees said, he mostly went to the center to make calls to big donors.

As SPLC’s chief trial counsel, Dees began in the early 1980s to use courts to secure monetary damages against hate groups. As part of the judgments he helped win against those groups, courts would then seize the groups’ assets.

In 1981, Dees successfully sued the Ku Klux Klan and won a $7 million judgment for the mother of Michael Donald, a black lynching victim in Alabama. The judgment bankrupted the United Klans of America, which had to sell its national headquarters to help pay it off.

This was all a gigantic hoax.

The Klan had basically ceased to exist by 1981. David Duke left in the late 70s because there was literally nothing going on with this group.

All that Dees did was use the specter of the Klan, and then go and sue some random hillbillies who were calling themselves the Klan.

You can still go down to Alabama now and find some guy with a PO box saying he’s the KKK. That doesn’t mean they are a relevant political or social force. And they weren’t when Dees sued them.

It was a publicity stunt.

The SPLC communications department, while defending the group’s handling of the current crisis, has not responded to questions about the specific substance of the various allegations. A spokeswoman said the group’s leadership has taken the initiative to improve culture, and that Cohen urged leadership changes in October, prompting the SPLC board to appoint a search committee for his replacement.

“Richard told the board that a number of legacy civil rights organizations had transitioned to a new generation of leaders in recent years and that we should, too,” spokeswoman Jen Fuson told CNN.

“The events of the last week have been a clear reminder that the walk towards justice must start at your own front door,” Bryan Fair, chairman of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s board, said in a statement.

One of the employees told CNN that the rank-and-file within the SPLC are deeply divided between those who are seeking a complete overhaul and those who support leadership efforts to review the culture.

“We are so divided,” the employee said. “I want to see us rise through the ashes. The white males here who are calling the shots can’t ruin us.


Nigger, who is “us”?

This is a Jewish organization.

The SPLC is an organization for JEWS, by JEWS.

(Even though Morris Dees isn’t actually a Jew, all of the rest of them are.)

Just because it has the term “poverty law” in the name doesn’t mean they do that. They harass people who make fun of Jews on the internet.

Why don’t you black folk start your own organization?

Cohen and Dees’ departures came after SPLC associate legal director Meredith Horton resigned. Horton did not return CNN’s calls for comment.

“It all started with the resignation of Meredith Horton,” an employee said, referring to the SPLC’s outgoing associate legal director.

Horton was a high-ranking African-American woman in the organization.

She was in fact the only high-ranking African-American in the organization.

She was there to keep the blacks sedated, thinking that the organization has something to do with fighting for black people. And I guess she got fed up with it herself.

You see, the SPLC has to employ all of these blacks to give the appearance that their business has something to do with the blacks. In fact, I am not aware of them ever doing anything that blacks care about.

Blacks didn’t care that some hillbillies were calling themselves the KKK and they certainly don’t care about my website. If an organization really represented what the majority of blacks want, they would be suing the government to get them to give money. They would also probably be suing private companies for not hiring enough blacks. Whatever you think of that agenda, that is the black agenda, and it has nothing to do with what the SPLC does.

There is literally nothing that bothers black people less than white people wanting to be left alone (as long as they give money).

In her resignation letter, obtained by CNN, Horton cited concerns about workplace culture. ” … It should not be a surprise that as a woman of color, the experiences of staff of color and female staff have been particularly important to me,” she wrote.

“… we recognize that there is more work to do in the legal department and across the organization to ensure that SPLC is a place where everyone is heard and respected and where the values we are committed to pursuing externally are also being practiced internally.”

Horton did not return CNN’s calls for comment.

Another employee said Dees “didn’t catch up with the times.”

That source said Dees was an amazing salesman, adding that he was also a “scapegoat,” for the company’s problems.

The center has strongly defended its response to recent events.

Who is defending?

Who is even running the organization?

Heidi Beirich?

Mark Potok?

Michael Hayden?

Talk about a fucked up bunch of freaks.


At time of writing, Cohen and Brownstein are still listed on the staff page of their website. I have no idea who is running the group now.

And the thing about this is: it is going to be very difficult to bring in some Jew from outside to run an organization that is a scam to rip off Jews. You bring in some competent Jew lawyer and he’s going to be like “what the hell are you race traitors doing ripping off all of our fellow tribespeople???”

And that is what they’re doing. A Jewish “non-profit” sitting on half a billion dollars – while actively not doing anything other than running a blog and suing me – is not at all kosher. Because I guarantee you, that half a billion is 99.99999% from Jews who they told Nazis were coming for them.

Most Jews will not rip off other Jews. You see how angry they are that Bibi Netanyahu – literally their King – spent too much on takeout food. Jews are only allowed to rip off goyim.

The SPLC can say “oh but we’re hurting white people” – but they could be running a blog, suing me and telling Twitter and Facebook who to ban with a few hundred thousand dollars. Any Jew who walks in and sees the way they are actively, aggressively soliciting donations from other Jews while sitting on half a bil is going to go nuts.

This CNN piece is basically shilling and doing damage control. A much better article about the situation was published in the New Yorker, written by a former staffer. It was written after Dees was fired and before Cohen, but it’s really great stuff.

He says the thing it is: “a highly profitable scam.”

The SPLC is not coming back from this.

This has been too much of a totally public total collapse.

The media cannot keep citing them as an authoritative source after this debacle.

The best timeline is that they are forced to hand the entire organization over to the blacks and they go use that entire $500,000,000 to sue Silicon Valley for not hiring enough black people to program AI.