Lack of Discipline Due to Political Correctness Holding UK Pupils Back

Juno News
December 14, 2013

Is it any wonder that British teachers are having problems with disciplining the children when many of them don’t even speak English? Let alone no longer being able to actually punish them for bad behaviour.

The country’s pupils are being held back by teachers tolerating “low-level disruption” in classrooms, the education watchdog will warn.

Sir Michael Wilshaw, Ofsted’s chief inspector, will say that a “casual acceptance” of “poor attitudes” among children is causing schools to fall behind those in “high-performing” countries in the Far East.

It is rather foolish to make reference to Asian schools when the more relevant comparison would be to the level of discipline in British schools decades ago. But that would be to criticize the “progressive” movement in education, and we can’t have that can we?

No one in the educational establishment has any credibility. They brought the public schools to their present state or they acquiesced in their decline in one way or another – why should anyone believe that they have a solution?

Britain’s education system is feeling the force of mass immigration

There is also the problem with youth unemployment caused by rampant immigration: how many hijab clad heads or African faces do you see in South Korean classrooms?

Teachers simply cannot implement disciplinary measures in these politically correct times. The children are savvy to their “human rights” and are swift to make accusations of abuse. Parents are disbelieving that their children are capable of misdemeanor and fail to support teaching staff in demanding healthy standards of behavior. Teachers are expected to plan for hours and hours lessons that captivate and enthuse and tempt children to learn. Teachers beg and wheedle for homework, they act like entertainers in the classroom in the hope that they might produce something that might just provoke some interest. They cannot raise there voices, there are few meaningful sanctions and the emphasis on restorative justice in the classroom and the playground sweeps under the carpet any wrong doing that ought not to go unchecked