Labour Invites Jew to Speak: Theresa May is Hitler and Israel Must be Supported No Matter What

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 25, 2018

Annie Cohen, Jew activist with a face you can trust.

Well, and then you have this.

Jewish Chronicle:

The Jewdas activist invited to give antisemitism training to Labour Party members attempted to draw a comparison between the Holocaust and Prime Minister Theresa May’s so-called ‘hostile environment’ policy towards migrants.

Speaking to the Dulwich and West Norwood Labour branch last Thursday, Annie Cohen said: “Nothing frustrates me more, hearing people like Theresa May and Eric Pickles standing on Holocaust Memorial Day… while literally creating a hostile environment for migrants in this country now.”

She also said support for the state of Israel could create a blindspot for the root causes of Jew-hate, saying: “Part of this relation of antisemitism to the state of Israel is that, as long as you support the state of Israel, you are not antisemitic. You are doing the right thing.

“You don’t have to address those historic issues, the underlying antisemitism that still exists, but also the attitudes that led to the Holocaust and ultimately affect migrants in this country.”

She suggested that there was a “need for the support of the state of Israel as a matter of fact, like every Western country has to support the state of Israel.”

This comes after several high-profile anti-Israel scandals in the Labour Party, which is now the party of Islamo-Communism. Half the members are Islamic, half are communists, and they all hate Israel.

Except the Jews themselves, most of whom are being run out of the party. And some communist Jews don’t even support Israel themselves – most of these BDS groups are run by Jews.

Inviting a Jew to come speak is a nominal gesture. And bringing one in that says you have to support Israel no matter what they do almost seems like an attempt to inflame hatred of Jews.

Why would any Jew claim that they must be supported no matter what in every situation simply because they are Jewish and think normal people would look at that and think “oh sure, that’s perfectly reasonable.”

This is the kind of shit they can pull in America, where idiot boomer evangelicals worship Jews as the master race, but no one else on the planet is going to take seriously the idea that Jews are so superior and above reproach that everyone in the world must support them no matter what they do.

And it’s just like – how detached from reality do you have to be to think it makes sense to make that claim as a “matter of fact”?