LA Times: Republicans are Doomed Due to Changing Demographics

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2019

I specifically remember Charlie Kirk telling me the opposite of this.

Other people, if I recall, also told me the opposite of this. I do believe.

LA Times:

Democrats dominate politics in California and Republicans are doomed for one simple, overriding reason: shifting demographics.

In short, the GOP’s core constituency is white people and they’re a declining slice of the California population pie. Conversely, Democrat-backing Latinos and Asian Americans have been expanding their slices.

That pattern is projected to continue, although at a slower pace. So the raw numbers won’t be getting any better for the already weakened California GOP.

“Republicans are heading into a demographic cul-de-sac,” says longtime Democratic strategist Bob Shrum, director of the Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics at USC.

“This is not just in California, but nationally. It’s happening here first. But it’ll tend to happen around the country.”

Republican guru Mike Murphy, who has worked on six presidential campaigns and managed several gubernatorial races — including former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s in 2003 — says “the Republican Party does great with white voters, particularly older white voters. But they’re shrinking as part of the electorate.

California is the future. It tends to be more non-Caucasian than most states. But we’re heading into that for the rest of the nation. And how are Republicans doing in California? They’ve got to figure out how to compete here or it’s the ice age.

Demographics are an eye-glazer, but California’s historic shift has been a political game-changer. The state has turned from battleground purple to one-sided deep blue in 25 years.

I am certain – certain, for sure – that I was told that rapidly and monumentally altering the demographics of my country would have zero effect on anything at all. Other than of course the number of ethnic restaurants.

This new revelation that this total reshaping of the country’s ethnic makeup will in fact totally reshape the nature of the country is both shocking and disturbing. However, I can’t possibly react to it with anything other than total silence and/or denial, because to do anything else would amount to pure hatred for the color of the skin.

And that would be evil.