LA: One Dead After Eddie Murphy-Style Hostage Situation and Shootout at Trader Joe’s

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 22, 2018

This is some shit straight out of Beverly Hills Cop.


Fun story here, lad.

Fox News:

A suspect who allegedly barricaded himself inside a Trader Joe’s store and held multiple people hostage — not long after reportedly shooting his grandmother and another woman — has been taken into custody, Los Angeles police said Saturday.

One woman was killed at the store amid the standoff, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said at a news conference after the arrest. The woman was a Trader Joe’s employee, the Los Angeles Times reported, citing a law enforcement source.

The suspect, who police said is around 28 years old, has not yet been identified.

Let’s play GUESS THE RACE!

It being LA alone pretty much means it’s not a white guy. And of course, refusing to identify until after it’s out of top headlines. Could be a weird something in LA. Any kind of anything, really.

I certainly haven’t ever seen a black guy in Trader Joe’s…

In fact, in a very funny story, Trader Joe’s was once bullied out of opening a store near a black neighborhood after blacks protested it would bring in too many white people. I’m not even going to do the “what if the races were reversed” bit right now, we’re doing this kooky Eddie Murphy style hostage situation.

After the standoff began, police advised the public to avoid the area around the intersection of Hyperion Avenue and Griffith Park Boulevard, in the city’s Silver Lake neighborhood.

SWAT officers were called to the scene as the standoff got underway. An employee of the Associated Press who lives in the area reported seeing a car crashed into a utility pole outside the store.

Yeah, see.

How was this crash even possible?

Was he shooting out the back widow at the cops that were chasing him? Did the cops should out that rear windshield?

Whatever – it’s pure police comedy gold.

If you hate niggers so much you can’t think about Beverly Hills Cop (I actually don’t hate niggers quite that much and think old shuck and jive nigger comedy was fun), you may picture Naked Gun.

Also really fun films, which something like this Trader Joe’s hostage story would happen in.

Though tbh, Beverly Hills Cop is more relevant because it’s in LA and because the cops dealing with this situation were probably black.

Authorities said the ordeal began with “a family dispute,” during which the unidentified suspect allegedly shot his grandmother and another woman.

The suspect then left the area in the grandmother’s vehicle, taking the other female with him, authorities said.

The LAPD tweeted that officers were able to track down the suspect “via LoJack,” a vehicle tracking device. They began chasing after the suspect’s vehicle, “at which point the suspect fired multiple rounds at pursuing officers,” according to police.

Yeah, did you know that all modern vehicles are installed with a computer tracking chip by a private company so police can track you everywhere you go?

It doesn’t get mentioned very often, because people would probably be against it and ask to buy a car without it. I can’t imagine that anyone would opt-in to such a system, so they do it secretly.

“The suspect then crashed his vehicle, at which point an officer-involved shooting occurred,” police said. The suspect then headed toward the store, barricaded himself and a standoff ensued.

“Inside the Trader Joe’s, a female victim was struck by gunfire. She was pronounced dead at scene,” police said.

Police confirmed that the suspect held “multiple victims hostage” at the store before he was apprehended.

In the three-hour hostage negotiation, between 40 and 50 others were trapped inside the store, the Times reported. During that time, the suspect allowed some to leave while others sneaked out, and some reportedly crawled out of windows.

The Los Angeles Fire Department sent 18 ambulances and 100 firefighters at the scene, “expecting the worst,” during the standoff, the report said.

Yeah it had to be a nigger that order 18 ambulances and 100 firefighters to a shootout.

Not even a Mexican could do that.

Anyway – diversity adventures.

We’re now all living in a dark slapstick comedy.

That’s what they mean by vibrant diversity.