LA Mayor Says City Will Not Lift Lockdown Entirely Until There’s a Cure

This is perfectly logical, given that we know that coronavirus is the most deadly of all viruses ever in history, and everyone is going to die from it if we do not keep them locked in their houses.

People have no right to put their own safety at risk.

Daily Mail:

The mayor of LA has attempted to play down the county’s lockdown extension through to August, saying that all the health director meant was for people to ‘cover our faces, physically distance and that you’re safest working from and staying at home’.

Mayor Eric Garcetti backpedaled on comments made by LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer on Tuesday where she said stay-at-home orders in LA will ‘with all certainty’ be extended for the next three months.

In a rambling interview with Good Morning America Wednesday, Garcetti said Ferrer simply meant current health precautions would continue and insisted ‘there’s no so-called open state or open country’ that doesn’t still have some health orders in place.

Garcetti went on to say LA has ‘never been fully closed’ and will ‘never be completely open until we have a cure.

Garcetti stopped short of denying reports that LA will be shuttered until August but insisted Ferrer’s comments were ‘taken out of context’.

I think we have to all recognize that we’re not moving beyond COVID-19, we’re learning to live with it,’ said Garcetti.

‘It’s important not to overreact but it’s important to take this serious because it’s as dangerous today as it was the first day it arrived in our cities and our country.

‘So quite frankly there’s no so-called open state or open country that doesn’t continue to have health orders telling us to cover our faces, physically distance and to tell people that you’re safest working from and staying at home – that’s all the county health director was saying and we can’t expect that to disappear in a matter of weeks or even a few months.’

The mayor went on to say the county was ‘learning a lot of really important lessons about how to safely reopen sectors and places and we have to assess each of those steps.’

‘Then we give three or four weeks time to see if there’s any additional spread, are we endangering more people and how can we keep our most vulnerable safe,’ he added.

‘So we’re learning to live with it at the same moment that we’re also learning the lessons of how to do that.’

Garcetti’s comments came after he gave an equally baffling interview to CNN Tuesday where he appeared to switch back and forth between denying lockdown will continue until the summer and then saying it will actually go on even longer.

‘I want to reassure people because I think there was a lot of panic suddenly the headlines said we’re all going to stay exactly as we are for three more months when that is not the case,’ Garcetti told CNN’s Jake Tapper Tuesday after Ferrer’s comments first emerged.

‘I think quite simply she’s saying that we’re not going to fully reopen Los Angeles and probably anywhere in America without any protections or any health orders in the next three months.’

The mayor then muddied the water by saying: ‘I think we know it’s going to be longer than three months.’

It’s going to be longer than three months, might be longer than three years.

We’re going to have to have a seriously mysterious substance to use to inject everyone with.

That substance might be more dangerous than any virus, but dying or being crippled from a vaccine is a small price to pay for peace of mind, especially given that these vaccines are going to kill everyone. I mean these viruses are going to kill everyone.

Safety first.