LA Mayor Says 60% White Fire Department Needs More Diversity

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
January 11, 2014

It is honestly insane to have any non-Whites at all in jobs where lives are on the line.
It is honestly insane to have any non-Whites at all in jobs where lives are on the line.

The Los Angeles Fire Department was deemed “too White” by the Mayor.

The newest class of Fire Department recruits, of around 70 people, is 60% White, 23% Latino (mixed race), 11% Asian, and 6% Black, the figures say.

Mayor Eric Garcetti was not pleased by the amount of White people in the newest class of recruits.

The Census Bureau reports that Los Angeles is 29% white, 49% Latino, 11% Asian and 10% black; something that the Mayor wants to emphasize.

Spokesman for the Mayor’s office, Yusef Robb, said “Mayor Garcetti thinks these numbers are unacceptable and wants the Fire Department to reflect the city it serves.

Robb said that the Mayor’s office demands the Fire Department take on more women and “minorities” as recruits in their future classes.

More “minorities” he says. 49% Latino; 29% White, so does he mean less Latinos? Nope, he means less White people, anti-Whites always do. An area full of White people would be praised if their Fire Department was 49% Black or 49% Latino; no Mayor would be calling on the Fire Department to represent White people.

The Department as a whole has 3,200 sworn personnel. Despite numerous genocidal policies to force White people out of the Department, and put non-Whites in their place, the whole Department is 50% White, 31% Latino, 12% Black, and 7% Asian.

Interim Fire Chief James Featherstone called LAFD’s recruitment efforts “embarrassing.” at a commission meeting, saying the the Department should be “a lot more aggressive” in appealing to non-Whites.

What’s troubling to us is that the city, as well as the Fire Department, say they embrace diversity” Nande Kalenga said at the same commission.

All this “love and mixing the races” is just a scheme to get rid of White people – genocide. No non-White country is seriously discussing open borders policies and promotion of assimilation, because that would remove that non-White group from their own country in a few decades.

People that push this genocidal agenda claim to be anti-racist, and scream “racist” at those who oppose them.

What they are is anti-White – anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White, and “racist” is just a hate word used against White people.