LA: Anti-Hoaxers Rush the Mall, Create Hilarious Chaos

I don’t ever encourage anyone to do anything illegal.

But I would not be bothered if we started seeing a lot more anti-lockdown chaos.


Shoppers and employees at the Century City mall on Sunday became the target of anti-mask protesters who forcefully spread their message to anyone wearing a mask — which was everyone at the mall because masks are required.

“We see the protesters with the megaphones saying no masks. Take off the masks. Open back up L.A. All lives matter,” said Johnathan Cabrera who works at Century City Mall.

Cabrera works at the store Untuckit and locked the doors to prevent protesters from coming inside, then closed his store early. Cabrera says he was shocked by the group of about 30 and says he’s rarely had issues with anti-maskers before.

“I’ve had a few guests come in that say ‘I really don’t want to wear this,’ but we always encourage them for your safety, our safety, please wear your mask when you’re shopping in our store,” said Cabrera.

They want to spread awareness of their message which is that masks, they say that masks are ineffective and COVID is part of a broader conspiracy. Obviously, the overwhelming scientific consensus contradicts that,” said Samuel Braslow with Beverly Hills Courier.

Braslow, a reporter with the Beverly Hills Courier, covered the protest and says this group has been targeting Los Angeles stores the past few weeks, including chain super markets and pharmacies. The LAPD was called to the mall, but some eyewitnesses tell us they were surprised the protesters weren’t asked to leave or cited.

Yeah, I guess that’s the upside of the fact that we no longer have laws in America anymore – you can just do whatever you want and nothing happens. The police show up and just stand around, for fear that they could somehow hurt the feelings of a brown person.

That’s what I would advise for anyone planning these kinds of protests: make sure you have a brown person to use as a human shield.

There are enough based black guys that you shouldn’t really have a hard time finding one, and just be like: “okay bro, if push comes to shove, you’re the human shield, alright?”

Based black guys don’t care if you say things like that, and actually think it’s funny and it makes them feel useful.

But yeah I mean – I’m not encouraging anyone to do anything illegal, so check your local whatever.

But we need to protest, we need to push the fact that this is a hoax. I would consider trying to project Madam Birx saying that all deaths are recorded as coronavirus deaths onto a building and play the audio on a loop through loudspeakers.

Those videos of her saying that (there are several) remain some of the single most powerful material in convincing people this is a fraud. Because no matter what, people have an inborn desire to “believe the experts.” So when you can say, “yeah, okay – well, here’s the expert saying the whole thing is a hoax,” that helps break the spell for a lot of people.