Kyrgyzstan: President Bitches Out and Resigns, Revolutionary has Total Control

Kyrgyzstan is far from an important country. But this is the first successful takedown of an enemy country by the CIA since the Ukraine. We’ve got several more coming up.

Based on the way things are going right now, I expect Thailand to be the next to fall.

Belarus, though getting the highest amount of pressure, appears to be holding up okay.


Kyrgyzstan’s parliament voted on Friday to end a state of emergency imposed by its ousted president, as interim Prime Minister Sadyr Japarov, a Kyrgyz nationalist, took temporary control of the presidency of one of Russia’s close allies.

Former President Sooronbai Jeenbekov, who resigned on Thursday, ordered troops to be deployed in Bishkek last week after days of unrest triggered by an Oct. 4 parliamentary election in which his allies were accused of vote-buying.

Japarov, freed from prison by his supporters and quickly elected prime minister by parliament, also took over the interim presidency after parliament speaker Kanatbek Isayev – constitutionally first in line – turned it down on Friday.

The prime minister is second in line under the constitution, but Japarov’s assumption of both roles prompted concern.
“This is an unprecedented case in Kyrgyzstan’s history,” parliament deputy Omurbek Tekebayev said. “Such tremendous powers in the hands of one man.”

He’s saying he’s not going to upset the geopolitical order of things.

Jasparov has said Russia would remain a key strategic partner of Kyrgyzstan, a former Soviet republic in Central Asia with significant ethnic Russian and Uzbek minorities, and he had no plans to review the terms of Russia’s Kyrgyz air base.

His foreign minister Ruslan Kazakbayev also told the Chinese ambassador to Bishkek on Friday that the cabinet would stick to all existing agreements with Beijing, its giant neighbour, major trade partner and investor.

I guess I’ll believe that when I see it.

This was frighteningly rapid. These revolutions usually take months, but this only started two weeks ago, and now the shills have total control.

Zhaparov is now acting president, as well as prime minister. Two weeks ago he was in prison for having attempted a second color revolution, after the first one failed. He originated as a political figure during the 2005 color revolution, which didn’t stick (hence why he was in prison). You can go read about this crap if you want, but the details are kind of irrelevant, and the bottom line is simply that you’ve witnessed a CIA operation to forcibly install Western shills as the leadership of a shithole’s government.

Who knows how stable this is. I don’t, frankly. There is hardly any real news about this in English. I guess we’ll see if they move to close the Russian airbase, or to cockblock the belt and road pathway.

Obviously, the reason that Mike Pompeo wanted Kyrgyzstan is so he can run ISIS into China when the time comes. So he might not really care about upsetting the relationship with Russia, which probably isn’t worth very much, frankly.

He can just march an army of his ISIS people into Xinjiang. Afghanistan is obviously easy enough to get people in, and Tajikistan isn’t going to whine about trucks of terrorists rolling through their territory.

(The region’s prize is of course Kazakhstan, with its very large border with China, but that’s going to be a hard sell. Pompeo’s been going there, and I’m sure he’s got a serious base set up, but they just aren’t very aggressive and they aren’t very Moslem. They also don’t really hate Russia.)

You might say, “well, what is ISIS going to do to China??? It’s a big country, mate! Strong country!”

Well, they would blow things up. That might not seem like a huge deal, as they have a strong police force, but the goal of Pompeo in his war on China is to undermine the faith of the people in the party. Bombs going off left and right would do a lot to undermine the faith of the population in their government.

Other than actual ISIS fighters, they can also use the border to ship in weapons.

Furthermore, they can continue to up the ante on atrocity hoaxes, as they attempt to push the “international community” into sanctioning China for their abuses against terrorists.

It’s possible that after the election, Donald Trump will move to end his alliance with the Hutt Cartel.