Kyle Threw Away His Life for No Reason, But the People are Rallying Behind Him

I was extremely upset by the situation in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday night, when 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse shot three people and killed two, after having been brought out to a rally with a rifle by older men who should have known better.

I had been warning that this was going to happen, and to see people contributing to this chaos, playing this game and following a script they haven’t read – it’s extremely frustrating.

There is no possible way you are going to solve anything by going vigilante. It cannot happen. The reason it cannot happen is that the cops, who are letting these blacks go ape, will not allow you the same. They will come down on you and crush you if you try to organize to stop this violence.

If people want to be taking action, what they need to be doing is protesting outside the Justice Department. They are the ones responsible for this situation, as they are outright refusing to stop it. If you go out there with guns, all you are doing is involving yourself in this kooky psychodrama. It’s exactly what they want you to do.

There is no level of vigilantism that could bring down the federal government at this point, nor is there a significant number of people willing to engage in that struggle.

Understand: if you are out trying to fight the blacks, what you are actually doing is fighting the federal government. 

By refusing to stop this, they might as well be doing it themselves.

No one seems to be grasping that fact. Everyone is gobbling up this stage show as it is being presented to them, and raging against the blacks, who are more of a force of nature than an actual conscious body of people.

Furthermore, the blacks actually believe that they are being oppressed somehow, because the media told them that. Like, they believe that they’re fighting back against some actual threat to them.

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Black people are stupid.

The federal government is entirely responsible for every element of this situation. There is simply no way you are going to stop the blacks without dealing with that fact, and if you think “it’s time to stand up for our communities” by fighting the blacks, then you lack the most basic understanding of this situation.

Kyle threw his life away for no reason.

It’s sad, as he seems like a good kid.

The good news is, the footage of the shooting has not had the desired effect. The conservatives are rallying behind him. In response to that, the media is backing off. This is nowhere near the big story that I would have expected it to be.

Probably, it is now in the process of getting buried in the news cycle. I think they’re going to completely forget about it.

I said that there would be a backlash, and I now do not think there will be. I think they went through this kid’s social media, they saw the people supporting him, and the plan now is to continue to allow the gun people to go out there until they get a less sympathetic shooter, and in particular, a black person is killed.

This could change today, of course. They could decide to run with this and use it to start making all sorts of demands. But I would be surprised.

Conservatives rallied, and the harder they push this, the more sympathy Kyle is going to receive, and then you have created a martyr. They wanted someone with a bunch of racist memes on their Facebook page. They didn’t get that.

It’s great that no one cares about these dead Antifa faggots, and it’s great that conservatives are standing together and saying that you get what you deserve. Despite the tediousness of the larger situation, it was indeed highly satisfying to finally see someone put lead into these pieces of shit.

The outcome of this situation is surprisingly positive, and I hope that energy can be directed in a positive direction.

Of course, it is now going to lead to more of these people going out on the street with guns, and it is going to lead to highly increased levels of violence and agitation from the blacks and their revolutionary comrades. Another shooting will happen, and they hope it will be one they can spin better than this. But the good news here is that after having rallied around one shooter, conservatives will be more likely to do it a second time, even if he’s got some dirty stuff on his social media.

So, this all could have been a lot worse.

My hope is that Kyle can use his time in prison to get in shape.