Kyle Rittenhouse Testifies in Own Defense at Monkey Trial

Kyle Rittenhouse testified in his own defense on Wednesday at the Kenosha Monkey Trial. Kyle stands charged with defending himself against a violent anarchist that was attacking him.

Here’s the defense examination.

And the prosecution.

At one point, Kyle did start crying.

This is what the media is focusing on. But I watched his testimony, and he only lost it once. Obviously, I’m against man-crying and especially against it in public, but it’s understandable that killing two people is an emotional thing for a clean-cut kid like this.

And he is extremely clean-cut. I’ve never seen a fatherless boy this clean-cut. He’s an all-American boy just trying to help the community. But of course, we live in a country totally controlled by Jews, so anyone with natural, good instincts is considered evil and a terrorist.

Here’s a funny video of the prosecution.

This wrapped up the process of testimony. The prosecution has already rested.

At this point, even the literal news media is saying that the testimony from the trial supports Rittenhouse’s claim of self-defense. Of course, there wasn’t actually any need for a trial – nothing that we’ve seen at the trial has veered from what was obvious from the videos of the event. It is a travesty of justice that this trial is happening at all.

However, it’s possible he won’t be convicted at this point. The judge has seemed pretty reasonable, and is getting really angry at this weasel prosecutor who is trying to send an innocent teenager to prison for the rest of his life.

He’s been yelling at the guy.

This judge has had enough. Boomers simply do not understand how far gone this country actually is, and this judge is an example of what you get when they start to figure it out.

In the James Fields case, where an innocent man was convicted of murder because of his politics, the judge was on board with the prosecutor. To have a judge who falsely believes this is still a real country changes everything.

The judge actually looks like he wants to declare a mistrial, which is what the defense is calling for. “A mistrial with prejudice” would mean that basically, he never should have been charged in the first place, and he can’t be charged again.

Even Antifa are saying Kyle probably won’t be convicted, while saying that this will also make it easier to assassinate him.

The media coverage is really and truly incredible.

This woman is a CNN host.

She’s mourning a literal homosexual child molester.

There was a time pretty recently when talking about a violent child molester as a victim for attacking someone on the street would be inconceivable, and no person in the media would be willing to say it, for fear of looking ridiculous and evil.

Twitter is filled with people saying this stuff.

Get a load of this kike.

It’s hard to process how a Jew like that even exists. If I was to make a caricature of “vile Christ-killing monster attempting to undermine and destroy Western civilization,” that is what I would come up with.

It just never ends with these people. They do not have any shame at all. They will say and do anything. There is no point at which they stop.

I would be surprised if he doesn’t get off at this point. The whole thing is just too ridiculous, and without an aggressive judge willing to push the agenda by any means necessary, it’s hard to see what other direction this could go in.

It’s a win for the left either way – if Kyle isn’t locked up for defending himself, the Jews will just go on TV and say that the white supremacist system is letting terrorists walk free and that this is all the more reason to destroy the white race.