“Kyle Rittenhouse: State Lines Crosser” is Emblematic of the Moronic Nature of the False Narrative

One of the really strange parts of the Kyle Rittenhouse spectacle was the consistent obsession with talking about how he crossed state lines, like this was some kind of crime.

Here’s a supercut of “cross state lines” in the media.

For those who don’t know, the fact that Rittenhouse crossed state lines was never relevant to the case in any way. He lived in a border town, so he regularly crossed state lines. His mom lived in Antioch, Illinois, and his dad lived in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The distance is the same as most of us are used to driving within the same city.

For example, this is a normal commute in Columbus, Ohio.

It’s not really clear what they were trying to communicate with this.

Tucker Carlson has suggested that this was a planned thing, where they are spreading this “state lines” meme to try and create new gun laws. Like, that there is a “Operation Mockingbird” thing going on, which wanted to seed this narrative because of an explicit legislative agenda.

While I can’t say that I know they’re not trying to do that, this isn’t really the impression I’ve gotten. Frankly, I think that jumping to that conclusion would require someone to underestimate just how stupid these people in the media actually are.

If I had to guess, this is what happened: someone in the media heard “crossed state lines” on TV or read it, and then thought something illegal was implied by that, then they said it in a dramatic way, and then they all started saying and writing it. News people saw other news people saying it, and thought it sounded like some kind of criminal enhancer, and didn’t bother looking into it. They’ve heard the term in relation to crossing state lines to flee police, or in various drug or sex trafficking cases, and just thought it was important in this case.

Then, it just became a talking point, without anyone ever explaining why it was a talking point.

Again, maybe it is an implanted talking point that will lead to some kind of new anti-gun legislative agenda. I just don’t think that’s necessary.

What is true, however, is that there is going to be a new anti-gun legislative agenda. We saw that the fat Jew Jerry Nadler is trying to bring federal charges against Kyle, and that probably will not work. Then the federal agenda is going to be “making certain nothing like this ever happens again” – via gun control laws.

With Kyle having been acquitted by state authorities, it’s also possible that the “state lines” rationale could serve as a reason for the federal government to get involved, as the fat Jew Jerry Nadler called for within hours of the verdict. (Of course, that wasn’t the original reason for using this language – they started using it last year, when Trump was still president.)

This whole narrative is especially ridiculous given that these are the same people who say that national borders are completely irrelevant, and anyone should be able to enter our country.

The “state lines” slur and hoax was just one part of a larger blob of abject nonsense and gibberish.

As we documented earlier today, the media created an entirely fake reality around this case, leading many in the public to believe that Kyle went into a crowd of BLM peaceful protesters and started shooting random people.

I think people here, or just conservatives in general, do not understand how low information leftists actually are (no, it isn’t just black people). This is a special case, as the media really went into overdrive trying to disinform people, but all you have to do is consider that any of these people could have went and looked at the facts themselves, and instead just trusted the media.

The masses of people don’t know, for example, that:

  • The people who were shot were not black
  • Kyle was being chased when he fired
  • One of the attackers pulled a gun to shoot Kyle before being shot

What’s more, they believe that Kyle is a member of a “white supremacist militia” and that he went there planning to shoot black people. The media has called him a “mass shooter” and an “active shooter.”

Some mainstream Western media – including The Independent – just outright said these people shot were black. They were saying that this week.

This is the problem that I’ve pointed out so aggressively with regards to democracy – what you end up with is “rule by media,” because it is just so easy for the media to convince a large part of the population of anything. Hilariously, when I was banned, and then everyone else was banned, the line was that we were a “threat to democracy” – because we were giving people information the media didn’t give them, and that could influence their decisions.

I wrote a famous article about this, addressing the media narrative on “fake news” entitled “If Fake News is a Problem for Democracy, Then Democracy is a Problem.”

The media claims that the masses of people cannot process information, and cannot tell what is real and what isn’t real. Then they claim that the solution to that problem is to censor everyone but them.

And that’s what they’ve done. I have often said that the coronavirus hoax is only possible because of censorship, and that would also be true of the Rittenhouse case. If we were allowed to spam videos of the shooting and pictures of those that were shot on Twitter whenever anyone said “white supremacist mass shooter hunted and killed three black people because he hated their skin color,” that would majorly disrupt the media’s Kyle Rittenhouse project.

But understand: the same people who believe that Kyle open fired on random blacks are the ones who believe in the coronavirus pandemic, the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, global warming, the “Capitol insurrection” and the threat of “white domestic terrorism.”

We are being buried in this country by a group of people who simply do not have any idea what is going on. This is a personality problem with these people. Maybe it’s not even a problem – it wouldn’t be a problem if they were told the opposite of what they’re being told. And they would believe it just as readily with the same complete lack of questions.

Basically, people who believe in the liberal narrative – primarily the trifecta of racism, viruses, and global warming – are completely mindless zombies, who will just believe anything at all. Having a population like that is good for any government, regardless of what that government is doing.

It’s not just black people, but black people are a significant part of it in America – these people were literally slaves, and contrary to the bullshit you here, were NOT kept in chains. They were just kept in houses. They did their work and didn’t question it. Most of them appear to have been pretty happy, based on the records of the time. I wrote another famous article, years ago, “Blacks Loved Slavery and Regretted Its End,”which included testimonies of former slaves in the early 20th century, which showed that a majority of them regretted the end of slavery. Just as you could tell blacks that slavery was great and they were very lucky to have such kind masters, and they would believe it without questioning, they will believe this modern Jewish narrative without question.

The response to the Rittenhouse verdict has shown that this particular hoax worked very well, so you can guarantee that they are going to play this for all it is worth, and I think the obvious move now is to use the “injustice” as a basis for extreme new gun grabs.


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