Kushner Crime Family Just Got an 800 Million Dollar Loan Thanks to Potatus-in-Chief

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 25, 2019

The Kushners really struck the jackpot with Donald Trump’s retarded daughter, Ivanka.

Because she was so atomized and fucked up from living as a White girl in New York, she desperately wanted to join the Chabad Jewish clan and feel like she was part of a close-knit family with actual traditions that looked out for one another.

Now, she’s given the keys to the White House to dumb Jew Jared and clever kike Charles. This tag-team is taking the American people to the cleaners now that they’ve decided to use the government as their own personal piggy bank.

The Inquirer:

Kushner Cos., the real estate firm owned by the family of President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, has received about $800 million in federally backed debt to buy apartments in Maryland and Virginia — the company’s biggest purchase in a decade.

The loan was issued by Berkadia, a lender co-owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and Jefferies Financial Group Inc., in a deal that’s backed by government-owned Freddie Mac, according to a person familiar with the matter who asked not to be named discussing the private transaction.

The arrangement increases the government’s exposure to Kushner Cos. at the same time that its former chief executive officer is one of the most powerful people in the White House. Jared Kushner divested ownership in many of the company’s assets to close family members when he joined the government. Kushner Cos. had more than $500 million in loans from Fannie and Freddie at that time.

Spokespeople for Kushner Cos., Berkadia and Freddie Mac didn’t respond to requests for comment. Peter Mirijanian, a spokesman for Jared Kushner’s attorney Abbe Lowell, has frequently said that Kushner has no involvement in the company’s management. 

Okay, so Jared, who doesn’t even run anything, went ahead and did the honorable thing and divested ownership. But Jared is too dumb to run anything other than circles around the Potatus-in-Chief. The real question is, did Charles divest ownership? No?

Seems like a tragic oversight to me.

You know, by the time the Communist mob hauls the fat orange man out of the White House or he collapses from choking on a Big Mac, the Kushners are probably going to steal at least a billion dollars from right under the President’s nose.

And then the investigations will begin and we’ll find out that the “Trump” family was one of the most corrupt families to ever sit in the White House.

At the very least, we can hope against hope that this has a huge splatter effect that will sink Ivanka “Dumb as a Brick Plastic Bimbo Jew Convert” Trump’s political ambitions when she decides to run and the opposition does some research on her.