Ku Klux Mall: “Black Lives Matter” Plans Protest at Mall of America, Mall Sends Them a Letter Saying They’ll be Arrested

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 19, 2014

For those who don't know, MOA is a super-fun place.  Or at least it was.
For those who don’t know, MOA is a super-fun place. Or at least it was.

The idiot Blacks are still protesting the deaths of their criminal kinsmen, looking for anywhere with gas heating to do so.

Recently, the group “Black Lives Matter” announced that it would be protesting inside of Minnesota’s Mall of America.  In response, MOA sent them a letter saying that if they tried, they would be arrested.

Man.  What a racist mall.
Man. What a racist mall.

These people’s whining is becoming an incessant, droning noise.  And I support it continuing.  Normal White people must experience full-on Negro fatigue before they will be ready to be like “Come on, monkeyman.  Just come on now.  This is ridiculous.”

The MOA protest is scheduled for Saturday.  I hope they go and start another riot and I hope upper middle class White people feel it.