Kristjen Nielsen is a Cunt

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 7, 2019

Kristjen Nielsen was on Tucker last week and it was a completely disgusting spectacle.

This bitch is simply a liar.

Tucker confronted her about the border disaster and asked why Trump isn’t doing a whole bunch of different things he could be doing and she said they’re waiting on Congress.

And he was like “yeah but we know that Congress isn’t going to do anything because one party is trying to replace the population and the other just likes illegal immigration, so why aren’t you doing anything?”

She just kept saying “everything is on the table, Tucker.”

If it’s on the table bitch, then pick it the fuck up.

Her entire thing is “oh, we’re gonna do something, sometime, we’ll do something I’m sure, we’re thinking about it now” – while the border has more spic crossings than at any time in American history (yes, they are fake newsing the numbers by comparing it to a period under Bush or Obama when there were “catch and deport” deportations – right now there are no deportations, at all – it’s only “catch and release”).

This bitch’s voice is so sickening as well. She talks like a 14-year-old girl. At one point Tucker asks her why, as the head of the nation’s largest law enforcement agency, she isn’t doing anything. And he adds “probably the largest law enforcement agency in the world” and she’s like “yeah probably, haha.” And then goes on to say “you know, Congress…”

How is this bitch employed?

No corporation would tolerate this level of total incompetence.

Trump was supposed to run this like a business – ask yourself if you were running a business and this bitch went out there and represented your business in public with these answers to questions if you would keep her employed.

This woman is a festering cancer.