Krispy Kreme Family Pays $6,000,000 to Jews as Compensation for Gassing & Lampshading Them

Adrian Sol and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 13, 2019

No wonder they taste so good. Turns out they were a product of Nazi descendants.

The owners of Krispy Kreme cucked big time and gave a bunch of money to Jews.

Literally, round it up to exactly six million.

That’s what the Jews did as well – their main hoax text upon which most of the Holocaust narrative is based, “The Destruction of the European Jews” by Raul Hilberg, says that 5.2 million Jews died in the Holocaust. Even in his obituary in 2007, they said he “documented” the killing of “more than 5 million” Jews.

Although that is illegal to say in most of Europe. I don’t know if the book is banned as anti-Semitic hatespeech in these countries or not, but it should be, because saying 5.2 million Jews died in the Holocaust is either “diminishing” or “belittling” the six million.

ABC News:

The family who owns Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Panera Bread is donating $5.5 million to Holocaust survivors after learning that their ancestors supported the Nazi regime and used Russian civilians and French war prisoners as forced laborers to work in their factory.

The donation by the Reimann family to the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany was announced Thursday and will help thousands of survivors in need, a press release states.

“Elderly, poor Holocaust survivors need food, medicine and heat in the winter. These funds will enable thousands of survivors to live in dignity,” Julius Berman, conference president, said in a statement.

Amazing what these people are capable of saying with a straight face.

Oh, these poor, starving Jews! They can’t even afford a few nuggets of coal to heat their sheds in the winter!

Jews, circa 2019.

Who else could be more deserving of millions of dollars of protection money charity donations?

In March, the German tabloid Bild reported that documents uncovered in Germany, France and the United States showed that Albert Reimann Sr. and his son, Albert Reimann Jr., were supporters of Hitler and used forced laborers under the Nazis during World War II to work in their industrial chemical company.

Peter Harf, a family spokesman who is one of the two managing partners of the Reimann’s JAB Holding Co., told Bild that the family hired a history professor in 2014 to investigate the Nazi ties after finding documents belonging to Reimann Sr.

The professor’s findings were “consistent” with Bild’s report, Harf said in an interview with the outlet.

“We were ashamed,” he said. “These crimes are disgusting.”

Indeed. What could be more shameful, more disgusting, than forcing Jews to engage in manual labor?

Even if all of these Jews were criminals and were made to work in vital industries during wartime for the benefit of (ostensibly) their own countries… It’s simply inexcusable. The Nazis should have at least had the decency to get them forced labor jobs in investment banking or accounting or whatever.

According to the press release, by the spring of 1942 the family’s factory used about 200 civilians as forced laborers. Reimann Sr. died in 1954, his son in 1984.

The donation, administered through the Reimanns’ humanitarian arm, the Alfred Landecker Foundation, will be disbursed over a three-year period, beginning in 2020 with $2.2 million. The Claims Conference will then receive another $2.2 million and the final installment of $1.1 million in 2022.

David Kamenetzky, chair of the Alfred Landecker Foundation, said the organization is “delighted” to partner with the conference to provide assistance to “survivors of the Holocaust and former forced labor in World War II.”

Yes, Jews are always delighted when goyim give them money. They are extra delighted when the money is for the Holocaust. Because that is not just money, it is atonement money, and an admission of being evil.

Editor’s Note:

Adrian made some jokes in this article about how he liked Krispy Kreme doughnuts. They were objectively funny, but I completely edited the article to remove those jokes, because I am not amused by joking about eating doughnuts.

In particular, I am not amused by joking about eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts. This company advertises itself as transfat-free, even whilst its products are filled with various poisons.

We have a very serious problem in almost all white countries, which is fatness. Fatness is not a joking matter. Eating doughnuts is insane, unless you are an actual bodybuilder, and you are purposefully trying to gain weight. Statistically, you are probably not that guy. Our readers have a higher rate of bodybuilding than the average person, but unless you’ve been going to the gym steadily for at least a year, you’re not ready to start doing shit like eating doughnuts to maximize caloric intake for weight gain.

A man doesn’t need “comfort food.” There is absolutely nothing more feminine than the concept of eating sugary snacks for comfort. Women are entities of the physical world, and they are entirely beholden to fleshly pleasures. A man is a metaphysical being, whose purpose in existence in to rise above the flesh and reach out toward the hand of GOD.

We often talk on this site about things we cannot control. However, of the few things on this earth you can control, what you shove in your mouth is one of them. Exercise is another one.

Carrying fat on your body causes your body to produce more estrogen. You need to have visible lower ab definition.

Spend a year in the gym, get your abs defined, then you can start thinking about bulking up. If you’re bulking up and want to eat a box of doughnuts, go do it. Otherwise, go to Whole Foods or something. Don’t eat this Krispy Kremey Kike Krap.

-Andrew Anglin