Kookspiracy: More Goofy Russian Hacker Gibberish From Random DNC-Hired Security Contractors

Andre Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 23, 2018

Bloody hell, mate.

It never ends.

The thing is, with each new claim, it makes it all less believable, in that it just looks so aggressive while being so incomprehensible.

Russia has the entire fucking world breathing down her neck, and they are just doing all these random, low-level, pointless “hacking” operations? And there is no evidence of any of it, “but oh we assure you”?

It’s nonsense on such an outrageous level that I start twitching every time I see another one of these headlines.

All of this is entirely based on the fact that most people have no idea what hacking is, in combination with the idea that human beings are shown to be more likely to believe something the more times they hear it.

If there is any “hacking,” it is being done either by one of the Western intelligence agencies as a false flag – at best, it is being done by Jews with Russian citizenship, as Putin suggested.


The Democratic National Committee contacted the FBI on Tuesday after it detected what it believes was the beginning of a sophisticated attempt to hack into its voter database, a Democratic source tells CNN.

The DNC was alerted in the early hours of Tuesday morning by a cloud service provider and a security research firm that a fake login page had been created in an attempt to gather usernames and passwords that would allow access to the party’s database, the source said.

The DNC and the two companies involved in detecting the operation say they believe they thwarted a potential attack.

The fraudulent page was designed to look like the access page Democratic Party officials and campaigns across the country use to log into a service called Votebuilder, which hosts the database, the source said, adding the DNC believed it was designed to trick people into handing over their login details.

The source said the DNC is investigating who may have been responsible for the attempted attack, but that it has no reason to believe its voter file was accessed or altered.

The page was initially discovered late Monday by Lookout, a San Francisco-based cybersecurity firm. The company doesn’t work for the DNC but alerted the party to its findings, Mike Murray, the company’s vice president of security intelligence, told CNN on Wednesday.

Murray said that a link to the page could have been sent to Democrats by email or through other online platforms in a spearphishing operation.

“It was very convincing,” Murray said, adding that if a person were to see the real login page and the fake login page side-by-side, it would be difficult to tell them apart. “It would have been a very effective attack,” he said.
The fraudulent page was hosted on a cloud computing platform called DigitalOcean, which took action to remove the page as soon as it was alerted by Lookout, the cloud company said.

“We see no evidence that any sensitive data was stolen and our initial investigation indicates that we were able to address this threat prior to the attack being launched,” Josh Feinblum, chief security officer at DigitalOcean, said in a statement.

Yes, Russia is trying to steal passwords by setting up spear-phishing sites, and that way they can… do something meddlesome. Shut down the democracy and the freedoms.

Look: throughout all of this, there has never been an attempt to ascribe a motive to Russia.

  • During WWII, Hitler was an evil psychopath with a vision of a global empire of oppression.
  • During the Cold War, the Russians were communists.
  • During the Islam-as-nemesis period, there was the obvious terrorist and general religious motives.

What is the current Russian motive here?

It isn’t a communist country. It is not trying to take over the world. It is a normal country, that is just trying to do normal country things. And what is remarkable is that throughout all of this, the Jews have not even attempted to ascribe a conceivable motivating force beyond “because they are evil somehow or whatever.”

The reason Putin favored Trump over Hillary was because Hillary was talking about arming ISIS and shooting down Russian jets over Syria. She was talking about sending the military into the Ukraine. She was literally campaigning on starting WWIII.

So the argument was “Putin helped Trump get elected because he didn’t want to fight a World War.” Which is logical. Okay. I get that. I mean, that doesn’t really seem like an unreasonable act. One would think that releasing some emails would be a small price to pay for avoiding a war which, due to the differential between the size of the US and Russian armies, would almost certainly involve nuclear weapons.

So even if Putin did Wikileaks, it seems a very sympathetic motivation.

The problem there is that there has been a year long investigation, and yet there is thus far absolutely zero evidence for these claims. Instead they are talking about porn stars, ostrich jackets and Jew taxi scams.

Nonetheless, the media simply states it as a fact that “Russia meddled in the 2016 election.”

So then you have this new stuff, with Facebook, Microsoft and now just random, unnamed companies the DNC hired claiming Russia is doing this really low level pointless fuckery. And presenting no evidence for the claims.

Point Being

This is literally the worst war propaganda ever created. It doesn’t make sense on any level.

  • There is no underlying motive, other than attempting to avoid WWIII.
  • There is no evidence of any of the claims.
  • They are doing a barrage of allegations, never elaborating on any of them with any data, just innuendo, then moving on to the next claim.

All of this relies in its entirety on domination of information – which is almost complete.

The statistic is that 91% of media coverage of Trump is negative. But Fox News makes up what portion of the American media? More than 9%. So some portion of their coverage of Trump is negative. If you did a study of negative media coverage of Trump which excluded Fox News, you would have 100% negative coverage on television. If you excluded Fox and Breitbart, the same would be true of internet print media.

And here’s the thing: Fox News continually reenforces the Russian narrative. The only hosts that have either dismissed or outright denied it have been Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson.

So you have a virtually complete clampdown on the information that people are fed. Then these people are demanding that social media all be shut down, heavily censored.

Basically, they believe that they can maintain a media monopoly and that this relieves them of any obligation to make their war propaganda make any sense.

I’ll tell you what, this would certainly not be my strategy.

I very much enjoy thinking about what my strategy would be if I was on their side. But I won’t lay it out. Because apparently, a lot of people read this website.