Known as “The Coon-Crusher,” Pete Buttigieg Spent Years Oppressing the Blacks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 2, 2020

More disturbing information is coming out about the homosexual racist Pete Buttigieg and his various campaigns to destroy the black race.

Daily Beast:

Of the many pledges that Pete Buttigieg has made in his as-yet unfruitful quest to earn the support of black voters, his guarantee that a quarter out of every federal contracting dollar will be awarded to minority- and women-owned businesses is one of his most ambitious.

“Look at what it would be like if we were co-investing in promising businesses led by black entrepreneurs, start-ups and other kinds of businesses that have the best track record of creating the kind of employment that can help lift people up economically,” Buttigieg told BET in September.

But an analysis of such spending during Buttigieg’s tenure as mayor of South Bend, Indiana, shows that the presidential hopeful fell dramatically short of that goal. According to a 2019 study analyzing the city’s contract data conducted by Colette Holt & Associates, a national law and consulting firm specializing in disparity studies, the city of South Bend did not award a major contract to a black-owned business for three straight years.

The study found that from 2015 through 2017, the city of South Bend distributed $83,675,547 in contract dollars, roughly 12 percent of the city’s contracts, to businesses owned by racial and gender minorities—and none to a black-owned business, despite the study finding that there were more than 200 qualifying minority-owned firms in the market at the time.

Suspicions that Pete Buttigieg was a racist increased earlier this month when he appeared on the game show Jeopardy and answered every question with “What is a nigger?”

The show’s cancer-riddled host Alex Trebek was shocked when every time Pete rang the buzzer, his answer was always “NIGGER.”

However, many people accepted Buttigieg’s explanation for the Jeopardy appearance when he explained that he was “making a commentary on the state of racism in America.”

“I dream of a day when no one is saying nigger on game shows, but that is not the America we live in,” he added.

Following the investigation by The Daily Beast into the fact that Buttigieg refused to give any contracts to the blacks, the Daily Stormer has dug up various other behaviors of Pete Buttigieg, which prove beyond a doubt that he is a racist.

In an egregious action, his Grindr profile specifies “no blacks or trans.”

The Daily Stormer was forwarded evidence of Buttigieg’s racism on the Grindr app. Buttigieg had no problem meeting up with a 14-year-old boy for sex, but when he found out the boy was black, he lost it.

What’s even more egregious is that Mayor Pete has been operating an account on the forums of the notorious white supremacist website, Daily Stormer, where he regularly posts offensive boomer memes under the name “Storminnorman.”

After the tragic death of Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash last week, Buttigieg posted a disrespectful meme reading “rest in piss.”

Buttigieg regularly uses memes to promote the debunked white supremacist conspiracy theory that there are a lot of immigrants coming to America – a canard that ranks a 9 out of 10 on the Anti-Defamation League’s “virulence scale.”

Several insider sources have said that Pete is on his phone “half the day” looking for memes to post to the Daily Stormer forums.

Whistleblowers from the Buttigieg campaign also have claimed that Buttigieg regularly calls people “niggers” – even people who are not African American.

A white woman who works on the Buttigieg team complained about being called a “nigger,” to which Buttigieg responded “anything that has a gaping hole where its dick is supposed to be is a nigger in my book.”

Racism has long plagued the homosexual community, which has led to confrontations between homosexuals and the blacks. This has led many to believe a homosexual can never be president, unless he runs as a Republican.