Knight Templar Brenton Tarrant Declines ZOG Lawyer, Will Defend Self Before Kiwi Kangaroo Court

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 18, 2019

The Crusade is just getting started. Brenton sent his court-appointed lawyer packing and is planning to defend himself against his own people for protecting them from vicious invaders.

Daily Mail:

The white supremacist accused of murdering 50 people in a terrorist attack at a Christchurch mosque has sacked his lawyer and plans to represent himself in court.

Brenton Tarrant, 28, dismissed his court-appointed lawyer after his first court appearance on Saturday.

Richard Peters said the gunman told him he wanted to represent himself as his case heads to a trial, NZ Herald reported.

The shock decision has raised concerns Tarrant will use what will be a high-profile murder trial as a platform to spread hate and vile anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Mr Peters said while the decision may seem irrational, Tarrant appeared to be ‘clear and lucid’, and didn’t appear mentally unstable.

Tarrant never told him why he wanted to represent himself, but Mr Peters said he ‘presumes the basis for that is that he thinks the job would be done better himself’.

‘I suspect that he won’t shy away from publicity, and that will probably be the way he runs the trial. The job of the trial judge will be to deal with that.

‘But it’s not a place for any views to be put forward. It’s simply there to determine innocence or guilt.

‘The court is not going to be very sympathetic to him if he wants to use the trial to express his own views.’

Expressing his views or not, his objective would be achieved. He’ll show everyone in there that he’s a normal man, not an insane fanatic.

They’ll hear him talk, they’ll look at him in the eyes and he’ll look at them in the eyes, and they’ll get that feeling deep inside — the feeling that tells them that he’s one of them.

Even if they don’t immediately realize what happened, the seed would have already been planted. Every night, the memory of the man that sacrificed himself to protect them will haunt them.

He faces a life in prison if convicted and is already a ‘marked man’ behind bars, the NZ Herald reported.

Gang members visiting Hagley High School in Christchurch on Sunday condemned Tarrant’s alleged actions calling them ‘disgusting’ and ‘wrong in every way possible’.

They had visited the school to offer their condolences to the affected families and referred to the Muslim community as ‘our people.’

‘That stuff that happened [on Friday], that was disgusting, there was no need for it. We’re a club, we do our things but, nah, that’s just wrong in every way possible,’ one said.

One gang member appeared to offer a warning, saying ‘we’ve got friends inside [prison] too.’

Moslems outside prison, Moslems inside prison. Moslem sympathizers outside prison, Moslem sympathizers inside prison.

They prove Brenton right.

Moslems are everywhere. Not only in the streets but also in their prison system.

There was never a vote for our people to decide if they wanted their homes to be invaded by Moslems.

When people expressed their disagreement with the invasion, they were silenced.

If our people can’t vote, and they can’t voice their opinion without being censored into oblivion, then what can they do?

Lower their heads and go enslave themselves to buy some iPhone or whatever useless shit this retarded system wants people to buy so Jews fill their pockets and the economy doesn’t collapse or whatever? Go drink a soy latte?

It’s too late for that.

By constantly attacking and silencing our people, they’ve awakened the God of Hellfire.

Nothing they can do could undo what Brenton started.

He sparked the flame and now the flame is rising.

They can’t shut this down.

Moslems are talking about revenge, and our people are starting to ask questions.

You know where asking questions leads.