Kiwis Willingly Hand Over Their Plasma Rifles to Islamo-Queen Cunt

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 24, 2019

People who allow themselves to be ruled over by women truly have it coming.

They don’t even deserve these plasma rifles.


The harsh gun control measures introduced by New Zealand triggered a protest backlash, with pranksters flooding police with bogus applications to surrender unlikely weapons such plasma rifles, fighter jets and even nuclear bombs.

After New Zealand adopted a ban on military-style semi-automatic and assault rifles following the Christchurch mass shooting, the police set up a special telephone number and an online application form to facilitate the collection of the newly banned weapons.

However, the online application form was also targeted by what some local media called a “digital protest” against the tighter restrictions on weapon possession.

Some pranksters reportedly even attempted to register old Soviet MiG 15 fighter jets and American B61 nuclear bombs as weapons they would like to hand over. Some with more devious minds also tried to submit non-existent, futuristic plasma rifles, among other things.

Others directly vented their anger at the new rules right in the comment sections below the submission form, by saying that the New Zealand government seeks to “steal people’s property.” The total number of online applications amounted to 1,000, according to the police statement. It is unclear though, how many of these fake requests had been filed by actual New Zealanders, before authorities decided to shut down the facility to submit the forms from overseas.

Apparently, the entire situation was very shocking to New Zealanders.

A crisis has become an opportunity.

To take people’s guns.

Which is something that women always want to do to men. Anything to make men weaker, they support.

You see these whores injecting their own sons with estrogen shots.

The New Zealand cunt is planning to forcibly convert the entire nation to Islam.

There is simply no potentially good outcome of letting women have a decision in anything beyond what to cook for dinner.

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