KIWI OUTBREAK: New Zealand has Coronavirus After 24 Days with No Infections Thanks to Women

Pictured: kiwi infected with the coronavirus.

We know that coronavirus is about as dangerous as the flu, but governments continue to pretend that it is somehow a deadly threat.

Does it make sense to you that the people who act as if coronavirus were the Doom Virus are the same people who allow people from “infected” countries to come in and introduce the virus all over again?

The actions of the government don’t even make sense if you assume that they’re honest and believe what they say they believe about coronavirus.

Daily Mail:

New Zealand’s 24-day streak without a new coronavirus case is over after two women who arrived from Britain to visit a dying parent tested positive for the disease.

The new cases are a setback for prime minister Jacinda Ardern who last week declared victory over the outbreak after imposing one of the West’s toughest lockdowns, at the expense of a greater economic hit than Australia is suffering.

Ardern today doubled down on New Zealand’s strict border controls which only let in citizens and residents, and blamed the handling of the two new cases on a lapse in the quarantine rules for new arrivals.

The women landed in New Zealand on June 7 and were given special permission to leave quarantine six days later, to grieve with another relative when the parent died.

They were tested in Wellington yesterday ‘as part of their agreed self-isolation plan’ – although one of them realised ‘in retrospect’ that she had experienced symptoms earlier.

You just cannot trust women for anything, ever. They had ONE job — and that goes for Jacinda Ardern too.

Jacinda Ardern, professional retard.

Too bad your life and the future of your country is in their hands though.

The positive results came back today, a week after New Zealand scrapped almost all its lockdown restrictions when the number of active cases dropped to zero.

Passengers on their connecting flight from Brisbane and staff at their Auckland isolation hotel are now being traced as officials try to prevent a new outbreak.

New Zealand’s director-general of health Ashley Bloomfield said they ‘had no contact with anyone else during that trip’ and ‘did everything that was asked of them’.

Australian health authorities are also on alert after the passengers flew from London to Brisbane via Qatar before connecting to New Zealand.

It is not believed that the women were tested before leaving London, but none of their relatives in the UK had been unwell.

Health officials do not know whether they were infected in Britain or alternatively at the airport or on one of the flights.

‘A new case is something we hoped we wouldn’t get but is also something we have expected and planned for,’ Bloomfield said.

That’s why we have geared up our contact tracing and testing capability to be able to respond rapidly.

‘We know there are people continuing to come to New Zealand from countries where there is active community spread of COVID-19.’

New Zealanders are definitely saved. The Mommy Government is going to make it all better, by knowing everything about you.

It would be easier to just stop receiving people coming from countries with active outbreaks, but that would leave them without an excuse for a second lockdown.

These insane government people are going to keep pretending that the lockdown somehow works despite the fact that its usefulness was debunked, and they’re going to keep acting retarded and destroying people’s lives until everyone accepts this “no rights because virus” lifestyle as the new normal.