Kitten Photo Blog Infostormer Also Among the Sites Found on Google’s News Feed Blacklist

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 16, 2019

As many of you are already aware, a whistleblower from inside of Google provided Project Veritas¬†with a substantial batch of internal documents further proving that the company is aggressively censoring content on the Internet. Included among the documents is a list of websites that were intentionally blacklisted on Google’s news feeds.

Google as we already know is an evil operation run by Jews who have a virulent hatred for conservative Republicans. It is precisely why the Daily Stormer, being one of the most popular conservative websites on the Internet, was prominently featured on the blacklist alongside a number of torrent hosting sites. In fact, it was the only news-oriented website that Google grouped in with sites that appear to be hosting illegal material.

It couldn’t be any more obvious that Google is deathly afraid of our conservative message being embraced by the American people. If they weren’t, they would not have taken these actions to censor the informative conservative content that is regularly featured on the Daily Stormer.

But Google’s attempts to stifle our conservative message have reached the ultimate heights of absurdity.

Outside of my work as a writer for the Daily Stormer, I run a small blog that hosts photos of cute kittens. Pictures of cute kittens make me happy and it gives me great joy to share these photos that make me happy with people on the Internet.

Unfortunately, the hateful kikes at Google do not share my love of cute kitten photos. They went so far as to put my kitten photo blog on their news feed blacklist. I believe they did this to retaliate against me as a person because of my professional work as a writer for the Daily Stormer.

It was also deeply troubling to me that Google grouped my blog on a blacklist that includes hateful extremist sites like,, and

As a principled conservative and registered Republican, I just want to make it clear that I totally disavow the hateful, extremist content that is hosted on these sites. I am quite certain that the Daily Stormer’s editorial team would agree with me when I say that these websites do not represent our values as principled conservatives.

Google has certainly crossed a line with this news feed blacklist. Censoring a kitten photo blog is a truly sick thing. But if they think they can continually mess around with principled conservatives like myself and get away with it, they have another thing coming.