King’s College: Vaccinated People Can Get Coronavirus

It turns out that people who get the vaccine can still get infected with coronavirus.

Daily Mail:

Vaccinated Britons who catch Covid experience a milder illness, according to data from a symptom-tracking app.

King’s College London epidemiologists found only a third of those with at least one dose got the ‘classic’ symptoms — a high temperature, new continuous cough and loss of taste and smell.

For comparison, among people who had not been jabbed more than half suffered the normal warning signs.

Numerous studies have found coronavirus vaccines currently being deployed in the UK are very effective at stopping people spreading the virus or becoming infected, and drastically cut the rates of hospitalisation and death.

But no jab is perfect. Some vaccinated people will still get infected, meaning they could be struck down with symptoms.

Scientists point out, however, that the symptoms they suffer are far ‘less severe’ than if they had not been vaccinated.

Professor Tim Spector, the epidemiologist who leads the study, told the Telegraph the results suggest that infections are less severe in people who have been jabbed.

If vaccinated people can still get “a milder” form of coronavirus, then the vaccines are literally useless for anyone younger than 80. Healthy younger people don’t need the virus to be milder than it already is.

The media and the government tell us that people with no symptoms whatsoever can still transmit the virus , so what is stopping vaccinated people from spreading it?

What is the point of vaccinating everyone? They even want to vaccinate babies.

This whole vaccination scheme is a scam.

It’s the goose that lays the golden eggs.

The plan is endless vaccines.

It’s a twisted version of Grateful Dead’s “Truckin’.”

Vaxxin’, got my mask still on
Keep vaxxin’, like Fauci says
Together, we will never die
Just keep vaxxin’ on

Editor’s note: I added the part about a Grateful Dead remix.