King Elijah Admitted Baltimore is a Drug-Infested Hellhole!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2019

Maryland Senator Elijah Cummings pictured playing with his nipples as many niggers die in Baltimore. 

Trump has uncovered a video of “Macho Man” King Elijah Cummings (Egyptian King) calling Baltimore “drug-infested.” Trump was mobbed by filthy Jewish media kikes for stating this obvious fact.

Apparently, saying that Black neighborhoods are infested with drugs is like saying “nigger” – only black people are allowed to say it!

Well, I’ll say both:

All the niggers smoke crack!

They’re niggers! It’s their hobby!

King Elijah needs to fix this shit!

The Blacks are his responsibility!

We want the OLD BALTIMORE back!

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