Kim Kardashian Gets the Attacks on Armenia by Turk Scum Into the Media for the First Time

Kim Kardashian is a stupid bitch who has seriously damaged our culture.

But what did she herself do, other than be a standard stupid whore and have sex with a bunch of blacks, as any woman would?

She didn’t create her own image, she didn’t use that image to harm young girls. That was all done by Jewish cultural manipulators.

I can believe that she herself is actually a nice person. She’s a filthy whore who has sex with black men, but show me a bitch who isn’t?

Whatever. If she’s going to go out there and support war against the vile terror lord Recep Erdogan, I support it.

The Hill:

Reality television star and criminal justice reform advocate Kim Kardashian West is pushing for President Trump to do more to support Armenia amid an outbreak of fierce fighting with its neighbor and decades-old adversary Azerbaijan.

The influential celebrity, who is of Armenian descent, is broadcasting to her hundreds of millions of social media followers to demand Congress condemn Azerbaijan as the instigator of the recent fighting and denounce Turkey for interfering in the conflict.

Kardashian West, who has a direct line to Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, has the potential to push the administration to take a more active stance.

Behind her efforts is the L.A.-based gastroenterologist, Emmy-nominated film producer and human rights advocate Eric Esrailian, who has been drafting statements for Kardashian West, her famous family members and other high-profile celebrities of Armenian descent calling for more support to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.

“The situation currently with a lack of appropriate international attention is frustrating for a lot of people,” Esrailian, who was a producer on the 2017 film “The Promise,” about the Armenian genocide, said in an interview with The Hill.

“What I’ve done with my friends, like Kim Kardashian, her family, her siblings, and other friends like Cher, Serj Tankian, Alexis Ohanian, all of us — obviously they have a bigger platform than I do, but I have the ability to pull everybody together … and I feel honored that everybody cares and they basically say, ‘what can I do?’ ”

Yet regional experts fear Kardashian West’s high-profile involvement could tip the scales of the U.S.’s historically neutral role in the conflict, which for 30 years has been a co-mediator along with France and Russia under the auspices of the Minsk Group, part of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

You can say whatever you want about this bitch, but she is the person who got this whole Armenian situation into the public eye.

It was not in the view of the American public, and now it is, because she went out there and said this.

We need to stand with Russia, we need to start with Christian Armenia against the Saracens.

That is what the world needs: a Christian alliance against everyone else. Except Buddhists, they’re okay. But everyone else needs to feel the wrath of the sword of the crusaders, and that means standing with our White Christian Russian brothers.

Imagine that Mike Pompeo never met a war in his life that he didn’t want to get Americans involved in, and he has yet to make even one single statement about Moslem Turk scum slaughtering Christians in Armenia.

Why is that?

Is he a satanist?