Kim Jong-Un Rides a White Horse Up a Sacred Mountain to Visit His Father’s Birth Place

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2020

This is real life.

When was the last time that you went up a mountain on horseback with your fantasy movie-like party composed of trusted friends, loyal followers and beautiful women?

When was the last time that a Western leader did anything this epic, for that matter?

Our leaders are weak-willed faggots getting manipulated by scheming faggots.

It’s all so fake and gay here in the West that it is shockingly refreshing to see that there are still real leaders out there.

Daily Mail:

North Korea has released an hour-long documentary charting Kim Jong-un’s two trips up sacred Mount¬†Paektu last year as the so-called Supreme Leader mulled a change in direction for his country.

In the footage, Kim can be seen galloping up the mountain atop a white horse, inspecting Lake Chon at the summit, sitting around a campfire with his advisers and squatting in the Sobaek River with wife Ri Sol-ju.

The 35-year-old dictator also visited a log cabin which is recorded as the birthplace of his father Kim Jong-il in North Korean propaganda – though it is thought he was actually born in the USSR.

The documentary aired on North Korean state broadcaster KCNA on New Year’s Day as the world waited to see whether Kim would make his traditional New Year address, outlining his policies for the year ahead.

Kim was widely expected to restart nuclear missile testing over the festive period after a self-imposed year-end deadline for America to return to stalled nuclear talks expired.

North Korean state media had vowed a ‘Christmas present’ for the US, while a series of missile engine tests during December raised fears the Hermit Kingdom could launch a long-range missile or satellite.

But so far no launches have taken place and Kim has not given his address, leaving the world in suspense.

The release of the documentary could signal that Kim is still considering his response to the failed negotiations, as his original trip to Mount Paektu was said to be so he could consider a new direction for his country.

At the time of the original visits, the Korean Central News Agency released photos of Kim taking a horse up the mountain along with his wife Ri Sol-ju and other top lieutenants, all on white horses.

Analysts say that pictures of Kim at Mount Paektu – a dramatic location that is ubiquitous in North Korean imagery – represent assertions of leadership and legitimacy, given the historical background.

Politics are gay.

At this point, Kim Jong-un should challenge Donald Trump to a horseback race-duel kind of thing to settle matters once and for all.

You know, at some point, a man stops caring about the whole he-said-she-said female nature of the Jew-dominated politics of the West and starts craving something more primal, and a simpler approach to problem solving.

At some point, a man just wants to ride his white stallion into a sacred mountain with his loyal friends.

At some point, a man just wants to reach the top of the mountain and get a blessing for the fights to come.

Kim Jong-un is doing all of that and more.