Kikesucker Sebastian Gorka Calls for Nick Fuentes to be Banned from Twitter for Being “Evil”!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 30, 2019

There’s a lot going on in our sphere following the blowout at OSU last night, wherein groypers marched against Charlie Kirk and engaged in brutal, disgusting war crimes.

Sebastian Gorka, an aggressive sucker of kike, is calling for Twitter to ban Nick because he is “evil.”

This guy was a White House advisor.

Someone called him out for attacking free speech and he said “oh I just want the blue check taken away.”

He then sort of implied again that he should actually be banned.

Gorka’s grifting operation is called America First, same as Nick’s show.

But somehow I suspect that at least one nation is being put before America in the Gorka plan. With the way he’s tweeting, maybe he should change the name to “Holocaust First.” Then it’s not a foreign nation he’s putting before America, just a fake historical event.

These people are aggressively circling the wagons like something you’ve never even seen before. They all saw the big show last night, and know that if that goes on, their gig is up.

The fake conservative movement cannot tolerate being questioned like this, and every one of their shills knows it. And they are freaking the hell out.

You can go to the Twitter of kikeservative figure and Fuentes enemy Will Chamberlain to see all of the tweets from the main figures attacking Nick. He’s retweeting everything.

Here’s the clip they’re all passing around as proof that Nick denies the six million, which is like probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

I mean, it is funny in itself, but particularly the fact that they’re passing around a detailed exposition on how long it would take Cookie Monster to bake six million cookies in four ovens if he was running them 24 hours a day. In particular, they’re wondering if he could do it in five years.

Nick determines that this would not be possible.

But I don’t see what that has to do with the alleged Jewish Holocaust.

It almost seems anti-Semitic to suggest that this cookie story is anti-Semitic, if we’re being honest.

In other news, while the shills continue to rally, Alex Jones invited Nick on for a very friendly interview.

Which I can’t post, because Alex Jones is banned from everything.

It was boring, but the point was, Alex is totally on board with Nick and his war against the establishment of the conservative movement. Nick starts talking about Israel, and Alex interrupts him and says “I know you have that view, and I’m fine with that, but let’s go back to [other issue].”

So it isn’t like AJ doesn’t know who Nick is, and he is ready to make an alliance despite Nick’s views on Jews.

The creepy analist Paul Joseph Watson also made a video vaguely defending Nick, though he made a point to explicitly denounce Nick for being against Israel.

Maybe there’s a link between the fact that I can post that one and can’t post the Alex Jones one and the fact that Watson denounces Nick’s views on Jews and Alex says he doesn’t care?

Something to think about, Jews.

Alex never would have gone in this direction if you hadn’t destroyed his life completely.

Now he’s got no choice but to line himself up with us, because people like Charlie Kirk threw him under the bus when the media demanded it, based on some retarded nonsense about Sandy Hoax gun control actors.

He’s got nothing left to lose.

Of course, his kids are part Jewish, so Alex is never going to go full-on BASED.

But after this interview, I’m very happy to call him “friend.”

We are forming a new big tent here, people.

God hath smiled upon us.

We are rising.

Remember the so-called “Optics War”?

Yeah, well: we won.

Now we’re in Groyper mode, Groyper War, World War Groyp, Groyper Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jonesy.

It’s all coming together.

Thank you, Jesus.

Pray we remain blessed.


Here’s the AJ clip.

You might want to watch it quick if you’re going to watch it, because I believe it is a violation of YouTube policy for any user to post any video of Alex Jones, at all.