Kikeservative Jamie Weinstein Calls for “Surrender” to Hillary Clinton

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 11, 2016


Soon, people are going to notice everyone saying this stuff is a Jew.


The Daily Caller’s Senior Writer Jamie Weinstein, a member of the “NeverTrump” faction, has proposed a “negotiated Republican surrender” to Hillary Clinton. The suggested deal rests on the assumption that Clinton is “on a glide path to the White House,” and that Republicans would do best to appease her now.

The terms: Republican leaders agree to “rescind” endorsements of Trump in exchange for one Supreme Court seat; rudimentary entitlement reform (read: higher taxes); a “Gang of Eight-style immigration bill”; a federal minimum-wage increase; up-or-down votes on future Supreme Court nominees; and a few national security appointments.

There is no room for actual voters in this scheme, which Weinstein envisions as a brokered arrangement between politicians.

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