Kikes Tried to Frame Me for Synagogue Threats a Second Time

Daily Stormer
March 24, 2017

The truth will set us free. I’ve been sitting silent on a story I wanted to talk about for weeks but the thing holding me back was fear for my life. For weeks prominent Jewry have been attempting to pin the blame on me for the recent wave of bomb threats to synagogues. When someone is attempting to frame you for a crime, the best thing to do is not make statements, so I deferred this piece while the responsible party was caught.

Now the perpetrator of these vicious hate crimes has been revealed: surprise surprise, he’s an Israeli Jew just as this site has asserted all along. It is now safe for me to come forward and talk about a continuing seditious conspiracy by America’s most prominent Jewry to have an American political activist silenced.

Joe Bernstein, who already tried to interfere with this Daily Stormer’s operations, emailed me to inquire if I was responsible for those threats.

Hey goy, wanna be a patsy?

I searched the Internet far and wide searching for this supposed “fair amount of speculation” that he claimed, but all I found were some of the most prominent names in Jewish anti-Constitutional terrorism.

The ADL’s Oren Segal joined Christian Piccolini (an ADL-affiliated anti-racist most famous for harassing teenage girls until they break into tears) to falsely assert that the calls came from the Slavic territories that I frequent:

archive link.

They of course claimed an FSB connection to make this full “fake news” tier. For the record, I will swear under penalty of perjury that I have never collaborated with Russian forces or collected money from the Russian government. Though on the latter part, I’d like to. Seriously, someone should pay me a decent wage for all the shit I do. I’m not kidding. I’m broke.

There was also speculation of this nature from Bloomberg’s filthy fake news kike Noah Smith:

archive link.

Daniel Sieradski (the most prominent Jew of antifa) also staked his claim that I did it, and once again falsely asserted that the calls came from Ukraine (archive link).

Yeah no mention, Jew, I knew you people were trying to pin your terror ops on me.

Dozens of other less prominent Jews made similar claims across social media.

The worst thing about this was it brought back the kind of soul-crushing fear that I felt the first time Jews had me framed for synagogue threats to destroy my life.

In 2007 I got fed up with Jew bullshit and started making anti-Judaic videos in a series called the iProphet. They had an early Million Dollar Extreme feel to them. I felt they were a quality work product and I organically grew an audience of around 50k viewers.

They were really fun, it brought me a lot of happiness to make them. They made people laugh, and that’s what is important to me: bringing my message across in a way that is funny and speaks to the oppressed and downtrodden.

In retaliation for my rapidly growing audience, the FBI decided to retaliate by faking a threat to a synagogue and framing me for it, thus giving them a pretext to release my name to the public.

Jewish Review:

Law enforcement authorities reportedly have identified a 21-year-old Vancouver man as the individual who made two threatening telephone calls to Congregation Beth Israel on the night of June 16.

Jewish Federation of Greater Portland Community Relations Director Robert Horenstein said the suspect, whose name was not made public, “admitted making the calls and the FBI is now working with the U.S. Attorney’s office to determine if a crime has been committed.”

Prior to police identification of the Vancouver man, Horenstein said in an e-mail alert that law enforcement officials had speculated the caller may have been a 24-year-old Los Angeles man who operates the Web site (since taken offline) on which Jews have been vilified.

Horenstein identified that man as Andrew Auernheimer. In a video that was on Auernheimer’s Web site he said, “I’ve got to skip town. There are some big Jews that want to hand me a summons. …On the 16th (of June) I am taking a pilgrimage northward to Portland.”

Horenstein said Auernheimer drives a 2000 silver Honda Civic with California license plate 6EFJ814 and was traveling with a Native American woman. He said that if Auernheimer is seen near any Jewish facility, authorities should be notified immediately by calling 911.

Look at this. Some Jew threatened a synagogue, got no charges for it, and as a result they went on a manhunt for me, released my name and license plate and told Jews to falsely report me for crimes.

After this happened, the FBI showed this article to every party I worked with, claimed I was a terrorist, and got me blacklisted from my industry. My income went from six figures to nothing and never recovered. My lifestyle went from 1st class international flights, Rolls Royces, and a million dollar home to living on the street. At this point there weren’t any good meme sites. There was basically no funny place on the Internet where Nazis could just hang out and make jokes. There was no network or support for truthful Internet comedy back then, and it took years of future shitposting on Internet forums for communities like this one to emerge.

I returned to my childhood birthplace in the Ozarks after ZOG leaned on me because I figured I might get murdered by feds and if I was gonna die I’d want it to happen on Ozark soil. These filthy Jews stole a decade of my life subjecting me to violence and terror and permanently destroyed my career, and when I saw them trying to frame me for threats against synagogues I felt like it was starting all over again. I kept my mouth shut about this bomb threat stuff until now because I was worried they were going to try to have me kidnapped on false charges. Again.

It’s time for us to recognize that all these kikes are real, literal terrorists. Somebody has to do something about them. To put my mind at ease and let me live in peace and safety, I would kindly like to ask the Trump administration to exercise its legal and divine right to deal with Jewish terrorists. Seriously, if the President can just kill one set of Semitic terrorists like Anwar al-Awlaki and his kid why can’t they do it with these others that are out making fake terror threats all the time and having me arrested and tortured under false pretense?

Please, Donald Trump, kill the Jews, down to the last woman and child. Leave nothing left of the Jewish menace. It is all on you, my glorious leader.