Kikes Still Raging at the Goyim for Not Caring About Impeachment Hoax, Refusing to Stand with the Ukraine

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 31, 2020

The Jews are really mad no one cares about this impeachment.

It’s really the same story of what the Jews did to Star Wars: if they wanted people to care, they should have made it more interesting.

Jeremy Lott writes for NBC News:

American soap operas are not popular these days. And yet, the Senate trial to remove President Donald Trump from office is currently garnering fewer viewers than the soaps. The conservative online magazine The Federalist consulted Nielsen ratings and used them to argue: “More people would rather watch the predictable, fake melodrama offered by soap operas than the predictable, fake melodrama currently being peddled by the Democrats.”

Just over 4 million people, in a country of 320 million-plus, tuned in for the opening arguments on the three big networks last week. That’s well less than the 11 million people who regularly watch the soaps on those channels. Fox News viewership was sent “skyrocketing” when Trump’s defense team got going on Saturday, The Washington Examiner reported, but the audience was still in the low millions.

In other words, Americans are collectively yawning at the Senate impeachment trial. Folks who are deeply engaged in the political process are wondering why, but the big-picture answer is fairly simple. Most Americans are motivated not by the propriety of our politics but by its effects on their lives. In the impeachment and attempted removal of Trump, they’ve been given little reason to panic — or even care.

Imagine that.

For people whose lives are actually affected by politics, a hoaxy spectacle means nothing.

This is why Nancy Pelosi and many other intelligent Democrats were against the hoax. All it does is make people think that the Democrats don’t care about people’s lives and will use the political process for their own wanton personal agendas.

Adam Schiff, a Russian Jew, has the personal agenda of attacking the Russian people. This kike literally condemned all Americans who refuse to “stand with the Ukraine.”

Can you imagine being that out of touch with a country you rule over?