Kikes Shoot and KILL TO DEATH Gazan with Hands Up

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 9, 2018

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A 16-year-old Palestinian, identified as Ahmed Masabah Abu Tuyur, died Saturday morning after he was injured on Friday from live Israeli fire at a demonstration in the area of Rafah, Gaza’s health ministry said.

A video published on social media shows Abu Tuyur hurling a rock towards Israeli soldiers from a great distance and waving at them for about ten seconds before he was shot.

Also on Saturday, the Israeli military identified four suspects attempting to cross into Israel from the northern Gaza strip, the Israel Defense Forces said. According to the army, the suspects were carrying a knife and a hatchet.

On Friday, during the weekly “March for Return” protests that Palestinians have held on the Gaza-Israel border since the end of March, 17-year-old Bilal Hafaje was killed by live Israeli fire, while at least another 30 were wounded, the Gaza Health Ministry reported.

Gaza’s Health Ministry also said that a 19-year-old Palestinian man died of wounds he had sustained in clashes along the border on July 14. The ministry identified the man as Amjad Hamdona, whose death brings the amount of demonstrators killed along the border to 174.

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