Kikes Scream as Trump Cuts $3 Million in Funding to Jewish Holohoax Indoctrination Centers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 9, 2017

Imagine that we are borrowing millions of dollars per year from chinks to pay for centers which indoctrinate people to believe in a fake genocide that didn’t happen on a different continent 70 years ago.

That is weird, even if you don’t hate Jews.

The Hill:

A bipartisan group of 64 members of Congress is demanding a reversal on $3 million in funding cuts to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum proposed in President Trump’s budget.

“In our view, the mission of the museum has never been more important, particularly as the number of anti-Semitic attacks around the world rises,” the letter to the Interior appropriations subcommittee said. “Now is not the time to cut funding for this national treasure.”

lol @ pictures of piles of shoes being a “national treasure.”

Meanwhile: In our view, a real Holocaust has never been more important, particularly as the number of Jews around the world rises.

The reduction, which would return the museum’s budget to its 2016 level of $54 million, is roughly a 5 percent decrease.


I didn’t even know the Hoax Museum got that kind of funding.

So then this is just Trump snubbing them. 5% is not a relevant percentage of a budget.

Like firing Comey immediately after he spoke to the ADL.

“Attempts to cut funding for the museum are misguided, and this letter demonstrates a strong, bipartisan commitment to protecting the museum and the educational value it provides to all Americans,” said Sinema.

Jonathan A. Greenblatt, the CEO of anti-Semitism watchdog group the Anti-Defamation League, said cutting the museum’s funding would me a “mistake.”

“The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is the most important American institution preserving the memory of the six million Jews who were murdered by the Nazis and educating future generations about the importance of combating hate and bigotry,” he said, echoing the letter’s call for Congress to fully fund the museum.

The cut may play into the hands of Trump’s critics on the left, who have noted with dismay his failure to quickly distance himself from white supremacist leaders during the campaign, his White House’s failure to mention Jews in its Holocaust Memorial Day statement and statements by press secretary Sean Spicer that seemed to overlook the use of gas chambers to kill Jews.

Oh yeah that reminds me.

Those Spicer memes our readers made were real good.

I’ll get them up.