Kikes Rage That No One Wants to Watch Negress Bachelorette, Blame Donald Trump

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 27, 2018

There comes a point in every man’s life when he must ask himself: would you fuck a nigger to get on TV? 

The Bachelor series – the concept of which is turning marriage into a reality TV show where someone screws a bunch of different people and picks one – is highly kiked to begin with.

But whatever – people like seeing the spectacle of reality TV.

Unless it’s niggers.


Dad’s not mad, he’s just disappointed. During the 2017 season of The Bachelorette, franchise creator and executive producer Mike Fleiss presented the perfect bachelorette: Rachel Lindsay was no-nonsense, ebullient, and good on camera. Lindsay was the franchise’s first black lead, and arguably the best ever. But Fleiss isn’t happy with how his beloved Bachelor Nation received Lindsay, given the series’ ratings dip during her season. “I found it incredibly disturbing in a Trumpish kind of way,” Fleiss told the New York Times. “How else are you going to explain the fact that she’s down in the ratings, when — black or white — she was an unbelievable bachelorette? It revealed something about our fans.”

Or it reveals something about human nature. That people are interested in what is going on with people that they can relate to.

The idea that white people were like “TURN THAT NIGGER SHIT OFF – NAO!” as this (presumably Jewish) producer is imagining is delusional.

Mike Fleiss: Jew or not Jew? You decide!

What actually would have happened is that people disliked the show for no reason that they were consciously aware of and so stopped tuning in. If you asked them why they stopped tuning in, they wouldn’t say “BECAUSE I HATE FUCKING NIGGERS – WE GOTTA KILL EM!” as the Jews imagine, but would say “yeah I just didn’t find this season to be all that interesting.”

And they would not be able to explain it further, because they aren’t consciously aware of anything further than that.

We know now that even infants feel much more comfortable around people of their own race. This is something biological.

But the Jews say “bad infants” when the studies show that, just as they say “bad viewers” when a nigger show tanks. Because they view goyim as being biologically flawed. They view us as naturally evil in some way, and they view it as their job to fix us.

This is one of the top reasons the Jewish race must be physically removed.