Kikes in Total Freakout Mode: Gavin McInnes Calls Andrew Anglin a Fed for Talking About Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2016


This is your leader, goyim. A Jew-lover with spic children who stuck a dildo up his ass on TV.


He is also a funny guy. 


This is also your leader, goyim. A Jewish tranny.


Here your leaders are kissing each other. This is the true right-wing, made just special for the goodest goyim.

The Jews are in complete meltdown mode.

Over the last few years, as this site, /pol/, TRS and other anti-Semitic sites have been on the rise, the Jews have poured a lot of money into co-opting the right-wing movement in order to weaken it, to remove the only thing in our movement that really matters: anti-Semitism.

They have put forward a string of “edgy” faggots and Jews to try and slow the flow of young men into the Alt-Right Nazi movement – to convince the bad goyim to be good goyim.

Because you can talk in circles forever and ever about Moslem immigration, Black Lives Matter and trannies. That’s fine with the Jews. But if you talk about the Jews, all hell comes down. They freak-out.

The lavishly-funded co-opting operation they’ve attempted has failed miserably. They made MILO a major celebrity, and nothing has changed. The whole thing was contrived and forced, and was recognized as such. So now they’re just trying whatever.

The latest sloppy attempt to kike over the Alt-Right comes from the KING CUCK Gavin McInnes (@Gavin_McInnes), who is on the warpath wildly accusing me of being a federal agent – because I talk about Jews.

Earlier this week, he went on his radio show and made the accusation.

He said:

When I think of people like MILO or Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, any other controversial figure, you know that they have families, you can find pictures of their families, you know they have fathers, you know they have daughters, but then you have somebody like Andrew – what’s his name – Aglin? The guy who runs Daily Stormer. I don’t know anything about his family. And I think “you’re a fucking FBI plant.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if Daily Stormer, the entire site is an FBI plant.

Now I’m feeling endangered. You know who’s gonna kill me? One of these days? It’s gonna be one of these fucking right-wing purists. I’m gonna drift further to the right as I get older as we all do, and so one of them is going to be mad that I have Indian kids or one of them is going to be mad that I don’t hate Jews enough, one of them is going to be mad that I said the wrong thing.

Cuz they’re like Moslems.

So, there’s that. He appears to be vaguely threatening my family. I have no idea why else he would bring that up.

For the record, my family has been publicly, viciously harassed and defamed. My father has had his business threatened and has been routinely targeted by the SPLC, Jewish journalists and federal agents. The ADL sent a local news station to my mother’s home, filmed it and put it on the internet (as well as local television). Mark Pitclavage called them up, and said “hey this guy runs a site about Jews and we speculate maybe Dylann Roof visited the site before – let’s go to his mothers house and harass her and put it on TV.”

I wrote about this when it happened.

This was literally the ADL employing a local news station to try and bring acts of violence upon my mother.

What other reason would they go harass my mother and put her house on TV?

That is what the Jews do to people who talk about the Jews.

You can read here about an FBI informant-recruiter (who was trained in Israel) stalking my father to try and recruit me as an informant.

This isn’t some fun-time game. If you talk about the Jews, they will do absolutely anything to destroy you.

Yesterday, McInnes published an article in Takimag, repeating the accusation, which he admits is based on nothing other than the fact I talk about Jews and expose their idiotic lampshades and soap hoax.

He opens with this:

The alt-right is having a moment. Hillary is bringing them up in speeches and everyone is talking about the frog. However, just as they’re gaining mainstream attention, they appear to be attacking anyone remotely left of far, far right. This could be a way to ensure their side is represented fairly during their moment in the spotlight, or it could be a sinister form of self-sabotage spurred on by spies. I’m inclined to think it’s the latter because I’m from Canada where the government does this all the time. We don’t have white supremacists up north so the government creates them for us.

After giving a brief overview of his belief that anyone who talks about Jews is a part of a government/Jewish conspiracy, he writes:

I’m sure there are bona fide bad guys in America today, but I can’t find any. Every time I get face-to-face with someone in the SPLC’s “Extremist Files,” I meet a reasonable man with a philosophy that is, at the very least, arguable. Jared Taylor is from Japan and says the government should stop funding multiculturalism. Peter Brimelow is an immigrant who thinks immigration in America is a mess. John Derbyshire is a race mixer who loves Jews. Ann Coulter is smart and funny. I’ve known alt-right pioneer Richard Spencer since he got me the job at this magazine and even he, the head of the snake, comes across as perfectly reasonable in conversation. He doesn’t think nonwhites can be included in a harmonious America, but everything else on his plate is relatively civil.

Taylor, Brimelow, Derbyshire, Coulter and Spencer.

What is the common denominator between these individuals?

None of them talk about Jews.

And who does talk about Jews (and isn’t anonymous)?

Well, it’s pretty much just me, weev and David Duke who are active as public anti-Semitic figures.

And why is that? Why are there only three guys talking directly about Jews, when the entire history of European civilization has been plagued by these rats?

Because the rest of them are in prison or dead. And I’m the only one of the three that hasn’t already been in prison.

These are the bad guys the Antifa is warning us about? They sound like the mildest Black Lives Matter activist talking from the bath with a joint in his hand. In fact, the only real villain I can think of is Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin, but I’m telling you, this guy reeks to high hell of FBI. I can’t prove it, but my gut says he and Daily Stormer are government fabrications. The way they talk about Hitler all the time and use codes such as 14 and 88 just doesn’t seem like real people. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy theory to assume the FBI funds Daily Stormer.

“I have no evidence but it isn’t a conspiracy theory just to assume they’re feds – because they talk about Hitler.”

What does this even mean?

Is he not embarrassed? Is Taki Theodoracopulos not ashamed to publish such materials?


Taki Theodoracopulos, editor of Taki’s Mag

Does he not any sort of editorial have standards?

And what is the logic here?

Fed Agent #1: We’ve got no one out there talking about Jews. Why is that?

Fed Agent #2: We put them all in prison. We imprison anyone who talks about Jews, remember.

Fed Agent #1: Yeah, right. Okay, well go hire someone to talk about Jews.

Fed Agent #2: OK. But why tho?


I mean, you have an entire system designed to shut down anyone who talks about Jews, while people who don’t talk about Jews seem to have very few problems.

But let’s go back to McCuck’s theory.

This hunch is furthered by their rampant anonymity. When I confront them on it they say they don’t need their lives ruined by some SJW on a rampage. This is usually said by someone with a Civil War soldier or a knight as an avatar on Twitter. They use men who died for what they believe in as symbols while they personally don’t believe in their views enough to be uncomfortable at work. It’s a cowardly act for a group whose main mantra is calling everyone else a coward. Sorry, but you can’t tell those of us who have been fired many times that we’re not brave enough.

He’s butthurt about being called a cuck.

Gavin McInnes is a piece of shit.

These people who remain don’t have millions of dollars from running a magazine that promoted pornography, prostitution, gay sex and drug use to children – which is what McInnes did with his VICE publication.

tumblr_mb3ztns9az1rgejzto1_1280 daily-stormer_999251 daily-stormer_999250 1c354e3918a8bfe35b38495b71e2a976 gavinmcinnes

And no, they aren’t worried about being “uncomfortable” at work – they’re aware of the fact that there is a very real chance they can lose their job if they are found, and unlike McInnes, most people don’t have millions in porn money to fall back on. This is why antifa groups go to “racist” conferences and try to film people entering – they call their work, and demand they be fired.


Gavin McInnes with his spic wife and kids. She looks very well fed, no?

There are entire websites devoted to getting people fired for hold politically incorrect views. And they’ve been extremely successful in this endeavor. Gavin McInnes knows this. In another context, he would probably talk about how horrible it is that people have to remain anonymous for fear of losing their jobs. I’m sure if you searched his archives, you could find him saying exactly that.

The recent attacks on popular conservatives such as Milo Yiannopoulos, Steven Crowder, and Ben Shapiro are so vitriolic, they don’t seem real. Last week, a Florida talk on Milo Yiannopoulos’ “Dangerous Faggot” tour was canceled due to what the FBI deemed a “credible threat.” The threat came about 24 hours after Anglin declared Milo a “deplorable kike” and gave orders to attack. “We must fight,” he demanded in an anti-Milo manifesto about the tour. “You have your orders.” Does that sound like something Taylor or Spencer would ever say?


No, it definitely does not sound like something either of those individuals would ever say.

I asked Milo if he was scared about all this and he said, “Mildly,” before adding, “Remember Dylann Roof used to read and comment at Daily Stormer. That’s one reason the FBI took it seriously.”

That’s never been proven.

There is also no connection between the threat MILO allegedly received and this website. Just the timing. The FBI hasn’t contacted me. But I guess they wouldn’t if I actually worked for them, and they told me to tell someone to threaten MILO and then shut down the event because… I don’t know, I’m lost.

But what a poor little baby, huh?

He skeeeeerrrdddd.

Scared people from the internet are coming to to kill him.

Where have I heard that before…?


Srsly – wtf is this SJW tripe?

We both agreed this all seems fake and Milo took it further by claiming he doesn’t think neo-Nazis really exist outside the internet. I contacted Richard Spencer about this crusade and he agreed that it’s “not helpful at all.” Spencer explained that the beef with Milo is that he’s taking up too much of the spotlight and including his homosexual decadence and love of black cock (among other things) with everything the alt-right has created. They don’t want Liberace showing up at the eleventh hour and grabbing the Academy Award for best performance in the war against political correctness. “The alt-right is about a lot more than simply terrorizing some social justice warriors. We’re about restoring white culture in America.” When the argument is presented with a modicum of rigor as Spencer does, it seems, if not reasonable, then certainly worthy of inclusion in the public discourse. “We need to go to his talks and engage him in debate,” Spencer says of Milo, “not shut him down.”

He then whines about Stephen Crowder and Ben Shapiro getting trolled – going full-on SJW, crying big old crocodile tears about kike oven may-mays – before saying we’re trying to silence free speech.

There is room on the right for Fox News, Rebel Media, TheBlaze, Newsmax, Compound Media, VDARE, Daily Caller, Hot Air, Mediaite, Infowars, Breitbart, PJ Media, National Review, Drudge, Reason, and everyone here. We all hate big government and we all believe in the meritocracy of hard work. I love Milo and Crowder and Shapiro and pretty much everyone right of center except the fascists over at Daily Stormer trying to prevent free speech.

This is absolutely absurd.

How are we trying to “prevent free speech”? By mocking those who shill for kikes – or are kikes – in the exactly same way that McInnes or MILO mock blue-haired feminists?

Is MILO trying to shut down Anita Sarkeesian’s free speech? The idea that criticism and disagreement = attacking speech is pure SJW feminism.

We’re the only outlet that has actually had our free speech attacked brutally, on a large scale. We have lost any and every way to receive money (except BTC and the snail mail). Our upstream servers were shut off, which is something that I have otherwise only heard of happening to sites hosting child porn or recruiting for terrorist organizations. We have been banned from every social media platform.

This McInnes attack comes after MILO called me a Jew on his Facebook page earlier this week.


Richard Spencer here as well, the day before he announced he recorded a show with McInnes. Interesting.

I’m not going to turn around on McInnes and say “NO YOU’RE A FED.”

But the fact is, he works for a Jew. Ezra Levant.


This Jew is also your true right-wing leader, good goyim. The bad goyim who don’t accept him are secret agents working for Jews or maybe are Jews themselves.

MILO is a Jew. Shapiro is a Jew. Crowder and Spencer are both aggressive defenders of Zionism.

And the fact is, there is no obvious reason for this “Alt-Lite” crowd to be attacking me. MILO and McInnes both have bigger audiences than me, because they have the backing of Jew millions. How does it benefit them to reach down into the dark corners of the internet where the Neo-Nazi White Supremacists lurk and start making weird accusations?

I think it would be naive to not ask if this is linked to the ADL council that was formed against me and weev (weev was named twice in MILO’s Houston speech redefining the Alt-Right as a Libertarian-Constitution movement).

The “Task Force on Hate Speech and Journalism” includes these individuals:

  • Danielle Citron, Lois K. Macht Research Professor & Professor of Law at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law and expert on online harassment
  • Steve Coll, Dean of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
  • Todd Gitlin, Professor and Chair, Ph.D. Program, Columbia Journalism School
  • Brad Hamm, Dean of the Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University
  • Shawn Henry, retired Executive Assistant Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Bethany Mandel, New York Post and Jewish Daily Forward contributor
  • Leon Wieseltier, Contributing Editor at The Atlantic and Isaiah Berlin Senior Fellow in Culture and Policy at The Brookings Institution

Top academics, federal agents and journalists.

It is a very high-level operation. They must be doing something.

I can totally see these rats saying “oh well, attacking him as a White Supremacist Neo-Nazi doesn’t work – he likes that – let’s accuse him of being us!”

This is probably what I would do if I were them.

It’s a Psy-Op

The entire purpose of this “he’s a fed” business is to scare normies who are just getting red-pilled, so that they feel like they can’t safely navigate this space let alone get involved in it.

It’s a standard psy-op, which is another reason to believe the Jew behind the curtain put McInnes up to it.

If they just say “oh these guys are really bad, they hate the Jews – people who hate the Jews are evil,” then people would say “yeah but why do they hate the Jews though?” Instead, by calling me a fed, he pre-conditions people to view the site in a certain way – the article contains several direct links to my articles. He wants people to visit and see it in the light that he has presented it in.

Of course, that isn’t sustainable. There is too much information about Jews out there now, and at some point, people who care about the truth learn that there is a very clear line between people who talk about the problem and people who rattle on about symptoms.

I myself am completely done with people who whine about symptoms and refuse to talk about the Jewish problem. These filthy Jews are exterminating us, and anyone who isn’t talking about Jews is protecting Jews.


Not gonna happen, faggots.

I expect these attacks on the Daily Stormer from these manufactured kike shill figures to intensify.

But you know. I’ve been through hell trying to stop these kikes. They’ve pulled-out all the stops.

What can they do now?

Only one thing is going to stop me: