Kikes Demanding the Oppression of Polish Neo-Nazis!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2018

Nazis are the most oppressed group of people on the planet, hands-down.

The evil kikes and cucks are not even required to justify their horrendous abuses of these heroic fighters for freedom.

ABC News:

Poland’s right-wing government faced pressure on Monday to act forcefully against far-right extremists following an expose of Polish neo-Nazis who celebrated Adolf Hitler, burning a swastika and dressing in Nazi German uniforms.

Private news channel TVN24 broadcast hidden-camera footage Saturday of neo-Nazis celebrating what would have been Hitler’s 128th birthday in a wooded area in southwestern Poland last spring. The participants chanted “Sieg Heil” and praised Hitler as they burned a large swastika.

The report revealed that the same neo-Nazi group, “Pride and Modernity,” was behind a November protest where pictures of centrist European Parliament lawmakers from Poland were hung on mock gallows in the city of Katowice. The far-right participants at that protest called the lawmakers traitors to Poland for having voted against the Polish government in a resolution in the European Parliament over alleged rule of law violations and the government’s response to an Independence Day march organized by far-right nationalists.

The weekend TVN24 report has provoked widespread revulsion in Poland, which was occupied by Germany during World War II and subjected to widespread destruction and mass killings. Poles and other Slavs were considered subhuman in Hitler’s ideology, and scenes of young Poles praising the man who unleashed such atrocities on the country are hard for many in Poland to fathom.

That’s an anti-Hitler canard.

Uncle Adolf hated Slavs in the same way that all Germans hate Slavs, because of ancient blood rivalry. It had nothing to do with his race ideology, and even Himmler – who hated Slavs more than any other NSDAP official – was okay with Slavs intermarrying with Germans as long as the German culture was supreme, proving that not even he viewed the Slav issue as a genetic issue.

Himmler did genuinely hate the culture of the Slavs, viewing them as drunks who were too easy on Jews. But I would assume that Polish Nazis are aware of these criticisms and accepting of them, in the same way that I, as an American Hitler fan, am accepting of Hitler’s criticism of American consumer culture.

On Sunday, Poland’s chief prosecutor launched an investigation into whether the crime of propagating fascism had been committed, which can carry a prison sentence of up to two years. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki also said propagating fascism tramples “the memory of our ancestors and their heroic fight for a Poland that is just and free from hatred.


“Free from hatred” while being ruled over by the Red Army.

Brilliant legacy.

Grzegorz Schetyna, leader of Civic Platform, the largest opposition party in parliament, called Monday for the neo-Nazi group to be criminalized. He also accused the ruling right-wing Law and Justice party of having allowed extremism to grow during its more than two years in power. In one example, he faulted the government for abolishing a special government office aimed at fighting discrimination and racism soon after it took power in late 2015.

The Law and Justice party has been often accused of turning a blind eye to far-right excesses hoping to win votes on the far right. Its adoption of anti-Muslim, anti-refugee rhetoric has also been seen as one factor leading to a rising number of reported attacks against people with dark skin in Poland.

Yeah so this is basically a repeat of what you’ve got going on in America – a civic nationalist government is giving breathing room to the hard right.

The issue is that Poland is dealing with the same problem as Hungary, in that although they have a right-wing government ostensibly, that government is unwilling to address the EU.

I think that the Poles would be much more willing than the Hungarians to deal with the economic fallout that would result from detaching from the EU, however. But the Poles are much more opposed to an alliance with Russia than the Hungarians, so they are stuck in that spot.

Everyone is stuck in some kind of spot these days.